Katsareti momastery

Katsareti Monastery (Region of Kakheti)

The Katsareti Monastery (Georg. კაწარეთის(ხაშმის) მონასტერი) or the Khashmi Monastery of the Holy Trinity is a very valuable architectural monument and one of the most ancient temples in Georgia. In fact, this is the second oldest Georgian temple, after Sioni of Bolnisi. The basilica was erected at the turn of the 5th and 6th centuries and immediately became the cathedral center of the Katsareti eparchy formed around the same time. Later a monastery was built here. Being under the patronage of the Kakhetian princes and kings of Georgia, the cathedral was restored more than once.

For the first time, Katsareti is mentioned in the Georgian chronicle “Conversion of Kartli”. According to the chronicle, Saint Nino, the educator of Georgia, baptized the Kukhetian and Sudja princes and their people here. It is believed that the old church of Katsareti was built on the spot where Nino erected the holy cross. Despite the restoration, the basilica has retained much of the first version of the building. Now it is a functioning convent of the Holy Trinity. The church is surrounded by a stone wall. Inside the wall there is a bishop’s house, a bell tower and Marani.


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