Kavkasidze fortress

Fortress of Kavkasidze (Region of Tao)

Kavkasidze Fortress (Georg. კავკასიძეების ციხე, Tur. Tek kale) is located in the historical region of Georgia – Tao (Georg. ტაო). The historical name and the exact date of construction are unknown. Since the walls of the castle are built of rubble, which is comparable to other medieval castles in the region, it is believed that it was built in the Middle Ages. Currently, it is called Kavkazdze  fortress by the name of its former owners. Historical sources mention the builder and owner of the fortress – Murvan Kavkasidze. It is sometimes called the fortress of the Four Churches (Georg. ოთხთა ეკლესიის ციხე).

It is located on a large and steep rock in the middle of the Chorokhi valley (Georg. ჭოროხი), on the road connecting the historical regions of Georgia – Speri (Georg. სპერი ) and Tao. The castle is an elongated complex with a complex layout. The original entrance was probably on the west side of the rock. A couple of towers have been preserved on the western and southern parts of the cliff top. The fortress was protected by a wall of different heights and complexity along the entire perimeter, which was due to both the terrain and the orientation to the road coming from the south. The most fortified part was the southern and western side, from where the castle was protected by additional walls and supports. A reservoir, a stone wall and a small hall church have been preserved on the territory.


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