Kolagiri monastery

 Troglodyte Monastery of  Kolagiri  (David Gareja)

Kolagiri Monastery (გარეჯის ქოლაგირის მონასტერი) is located in the eastern part of the David Gareja monastery complexes, in the valley of the Iori River. It dates from the 11th-12th centuries. The monastery is carved into a rock composed of sedimentary rocks, which easily collapses, which threatens the monastery with destruction. The monastery consists of the main temple and cave rooms. Of the seven surviving caves, only four are easily accessible.

Unfortunately, only the rear walls of these cauldrons have been preserved, the front parts of the walls are destroyed. The complex attracts special attention with highly artistic, skillfully executed painting. The refectory is decorated with wall paintings that probably date back to the 13th century. The mural of the temple depicts scenes of religious holidays. Along with religious subjects, there are pictures of noble people with inscriptions.


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