Ksani fortress

Fortress of Ksani  (Region of Shida Kartli)

Fortress of Ksani (Georg. ქსანის ციხე). Medieval fortress at the intersection of the rivers Ksani and Mtkvari, on Mount Sarkineti, which controlled important strategic roads. The perimeter of the walls and towers has survived to this day. The most complex and interesting object of the fortress is the elongated southeastern tower. It consisted of four floors and a terrace. The first two were of economic importance, there were Qvevri (they can still be found), as well as a huge reservoir reservoir. Its walls were plastered with such a strong mortar that they have been preserved in excellent condition.

The third floor was residential, as evidenced by the niche of the fireplace. The upper floor and the terrace were of defensive importance. Wooden ceilings have not been preserved, but in several places you can see the remains of beams built into the walls. The third tower was erected around the walls of the old 16th century tower; premises were also equipped here, both for living and for fighting. The fourth tower was attached to the northwestern corner of the fortress so that the corner seemed to cut into it. A narrow and low opening was cut through the wall to enter. Vessels for storing wine were also dug into the ground floor of this tower.


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