Kveshi fortress

Kveshi Fortress (Kvemo Kartli Region)

Kveshi Fortress (Georg. ქვეშის ციხე) – medieval castle in eastern Georgia, on the left bank of the Mashavera river, Bolnisi municipality. The castle was built between the 7th – 9th centuries, raised on a field, almost impregnable from all sides on a high rock. Subsequently, a couple of times her name surfaced in history in connection with very significant events. From his location, he controlled the roads in the direction from Samshvilde to Javakheti. The Kveshi fortress was a royal and princely residence.

Until the end of the 18th century,  Kveshi served as one of the main outposts for holding back enemy forces penetrating the region from the south. An important trade road has passed here for centuries. The entrance to the fortress is a tunnel carved into the rock. There are many traces of antiquity on the territory of the fortress. The most ancient of them are stone steles of the 7th-8th centuries, in some places decorated with carved ornaments. The fortress is special in that it was a kind of center for the meeting of Western and Eastern cultures. There is a beautiful view from the surroundings.


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