Lodovani megaliths

Megalithic complex Lodovani (Gokhnari) (Region of Kvemo Kartli)

Lodovani (Gokhnari) (Georg. ლოდოვანის მეგალითები). On the territory of the Tetritskaro region there is one of the oldest preserved megalithic complexes in Georgia – Lodovani, which is also known by the name of the nearby village – Gokhnari (formerly called Adzikvi) or Gokhnari’s Lodovani. This complex has been used by people for centuries and millennia. According to the researchers of the megaliths, on the territory of the Gohnari megalithic complex there are buildings from the Dobronze Age to the Middle Ages, when underground tunnels were used for shelter during enemy raids.

Residential complexes are located in several tiers and are subdivided into groups connected by doors and narrow corridors. The rooms are round (diameter 3-6 m) and oval (length 5-8 m); the walls have survived to a height of 1.5-3 m. In some places the corridors have the remains of flat boulders. The overlapping of the rooms can be judged by analogy with medieval buildings, in which the cone-shaped ceiling consists of stone slabs folded with overlapping; This design is typical for the oldest peasant dwelling house – Darbazi. The Megalithic complex is included in the list of monuments of history and culture of national importance in Georgia


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