Makhuntseti (Region of Adjara)

There are two main attractions in Makhuntseti (Georg. მახუნცეთი). The waterfall and the Arch Bridge of Queen Tamara are located close to each other. The bridge is almost 30 meters long and 2.5 meters wide. The bridge, built in the Middle Ages, has a peculiarity – it is “humped”. A big mystery: how and by whom a thousand years ago the bridge was calculated and built, which not only did not collapse under the hooves of horses and the wheels of passing carts, but also survived the strongest earthquakes and floods. Adjara is a seismically active area, despite this medieval bridge has survived to this day.

The waterfall, located in Makhuntseti, is located at the confluence of the two rivers Adjaristskali and Chorokhi and is one of the deepest in Georgia. Water breaks down from a height of 56 meters and gouges a bowl at the site of the fall. Local children sometimes bathe in this bowl, although the pleasure is not for the faint of heart. It is always cool and even cold near the waterfall, because not only does the water fall down from the cliff surrounded by trees on all sides, but the spray of a cold mountain stream seriously refreshes the air. The waterfall in Makhuntseti is a great backdrop for selfies and ordinary photographs.


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