Mamula-Pantiani megaliths

Megalithic complex  Mamula-Pantiani (Region of Kvemo Kartli)

Megalithic complex Mamula-Pantiani (Georg. მამულა-პანტიანის მეგალითები) – located in the  Dmanisi municipality, at the foot of a steep forest slope on the right bank of the Khrami River. Dating – XV-XII centuries. BC. There are also buildings from the Christian period. Until recently, only local residents knew about the existence of megaliths. The Mamulo-Pantyansky complex attracts attention with its scale and is an amazingly impressive and interesting monument. In addition to the fact that the megalithic settlement occupies a very large area, about 50,000 m2, individual buildings are also distinguished by their scale.

It is difficult to explain from what or from whom, more than three thousand years ago, people defended themselves with walls of such thickness. The megalithic complex is terraced, the terraces are marked by streets 4-5 meters wide. All buildings are longitudinal and rectangular. The location of the walls is cyclopean, uneven. Basalt is used as a building material. There are boulders in the walls, which weigh up to 3-4 tons. It’s amazing how a three-ton boulder could be reached at a height of 2-3 m and at the same time adapted to already folded boulders with rough sides. The entrances to the buildings were covered from above, of which only two or three have survived today. All entrances are located at the edge of the building. The megalithic village was revived again in the Middle Ages. A medieval hall church has been preserved on the territory. Mamula-Pantiani is included in the list of monuments of history and culture of national importance in Georgia.


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