Martvili canyon

Martvili Canyon (Region of Mingrelia)

Martvili Canyon (Georg. მარტვილის კანიონი) or also it is called as Gochkadili Canyon is one of the amazing places in Georgia. It is among the list of ten Georgian natural monuments. White limestone rocks, where made its route river Abasha back in Mesozoic age. Herbivorous and predaceous creatures here were wondering millions of years ago. And on the river bed were discovered traces of ancient marine reptiles – mesosaurs. On the territory of canyon is preserved great number of calcified remains of prehistoric animals and dinosaurs. The age of these findings is more than 75 mln. years and this is the third such large-scaled finding throughout the world. The length of canyon is 2400 meters and the depth 20-40 m. In the middle of it is a 12 meters height beautiful waterfall.

Martvili canyon is interesting not only with its prehistoric pas, but it is just beautiful and everything is mentioned by it. Here you can enjoy with a beauty of the wonder of nature, have a boat trip into the labyrinths of canyon and in some places and even you may have a bath in it.   These picturesque places will not leave you indifferent, especially those who like to be photographed in exclusive places. In summer it`s very comfortable and cool place with fresh air so, if in winter you can go boating and admire nature, then in the hot summer, by waterfall it is an irreplaceable place for rest.


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