Mother of Kartli

Sculpture «Mother of Kartli » («Mother of Georgia») – (The city of Tbilisi)

To commemorate the 1,500 years of the city’s history (1958), a majestic sculpture «Motherof  Kartli » («Mother of Georgia»)  (Georg. ქართლის დედა) rose above the top of Sololaki Hill. The sculpture has long become a symbol of the Georgian capital. For more than half a century, from any corner of the city, you can see the towering statue. The appearance and attributes of the statue are deeply symbolic. «Mother of Kartli»  depicts both the whole country and the national character of its people: the readiness to hospitably receive friends with a cup of wine in their left hand or adequately repel enemies with a sword in their right hand.

The face of «Mother of Kartli»  is calm, radiating openness and at the same time pride. That is why there is an opinion that acquaintance with the monument is to some extent an acquaintance with the character of the entire Georgian nation. The militant nature of the Mother, expressed in the presence of a weapon in her hand, pays tribute to the women of Georgia Not only Georgian men fought for their homeland, but also women on an equal basis with them. At the same time, they had to take care of the hearth, combining masculinity and gentleness. That is why the main sculpture of the country was endowed with a female appearance.


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