Mukhrani fortress

Fortress of Mukhrani (Region of Shida Kartli)

Fortress of Mukhrani (Georg. მუხრანის ციხე). The castle (area 2.5 hectares) consists of a citadel and a fence. There are cylindrical towers in all four corners of the citadel, and the Church in the northeastern part. The palace, standing on the southern wall of the citadel, is completely destroyed. The walls of the fortress are two-tiered. Thanks to this, a “combat path” rises along the entire perimeter of the fortress, along which you can move around. According to the inscription on the gates of the citadel, the castle was built in the 30s of the 18th century. According to a Georgian chronicler, the fortress was built by 600 Georgian workers.

In plan, the citadel approaches a square. It can only be entered through the fences. The largest of the citadel’s towers is the four-storey tower in the northeast. This tower was used both for the residence of a rich feudal lord and for defensive purposes. The fourth floor of the main tower is a combat platform, which can be reached by a ladder built into the wall. The tower ends with semicircular loopholes located on the same horizontal line. The other three towers are three stories high and in many ways similar to the northeast tower and have separate entrances to the first and second floors.


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