Mzovreti fortress

Fortress of Mzovreti  (Region of Shida Kartli)

Fortress of Mzovreti (Georg. მზოვრეთის ციხე) – located in the gorge of the Dzama River, surrounded by forest mountains on one side, and deep gorges on the other. The sources mention two variants of the name Mdzovreti and Mzovreti. This is a complex monumental structure erected on a rock. Fortifications were erected in different periods, from the early to the late Middle Ages. Three building layers were found in the fortress. The architectural complex consists of several well-preserved buildings of the 17th century: a fortress church, a palace of local feudal lords, a defensive tower and a bell tower.

Mzovreti is also the name of the historical medieval city located here, which was once one of the important political and economic centers of the Kingdom of Kartli. If we turn to etymology, we find out that the name Mzovreti comes from the expression “place for zueri”, which, in turn, means a customs place. In the remaining historical information, it can be deducted that the city was located at the junction of three roads: Shida, Kvemo and Zemo Kartli. In the 19th century, the locals left this place and the city ceased to exist. Now within the walls of Mzovreti there is a monastery.


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