Nardevani megaliths

Megaliths Nardevani (Samtskhe-Javakheti Region)

Megaliths Nardevani  (Georg. ნარდევანის მეგალითური ციხე) – interesting and original fortress in the southern region of Georgia, Samtskhe-Javakheti. Supposedly built during the Late Bronze Age. Cyclopean building Above the village of Nardevani, whose inhabitants (Armenians) moved from Ottoman Turkey to Georgia in 1828. Nardevani has a wave-like shape with semicircular towers. The walls were built of roughly processed large boulders with internal backing. Backfilling is when the space between the inside and outside of a wall is filled with a smaller stone. The fortress consists of 2 parts. The main part (“citadel”) with 2-meter-thick walls.

From the west, south and north, the fortress is surrounded by courtyards fenced with the same masonry and fortified spaces. An entrance is built into the north wall of the western annex. Here, in the northwest corner of the central part, there is a door. On the western side, the fortress is protected by a steep rock, some parts of which, to enhance inaccessibility, were erected with dry masonry of basalt stones. The fortress, it seems, was precisely defensive. Near the fortress, rectangles of walls of rather spacious premises are visible. Fortress Nardevani is located near the river, the area around is not strewn with stones i.e. there was where to engage in agriculture.


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