Kintrishi national park

Kintrishi National Park ( Western Georgia, Region of Adjara)

Kintrishi National Park is located in the gorge of the river of the same name, between the Tskhemlara and Hino mountains. The total area of the territory is 13,893 hectares, of which more than 10,700 hectares belong to the reserve, and the rest (3,190 hectares) – to a protected landscape park. Most of the land (about 80%) is covered with forests. Kintrishi protected Areas are distinguished by mountainous relief with sharp changes in height. The lowest sections are at an altitude of 250 meters above the sea, and the highest are at an altitude of about 2600 meters. Streams of waterfalls flow along the stone slopes, mountain rivers rustle. Bamboo and boxwood groves have stood in this area for thousands of years.

A distinctive feature of the Kintrishi National Park is that, in addition to beautiful natural landscapes, there are several ancient historical and archaeological sites on its lands: the ruins of temples, monasteries and other ancient buildings. Due to the fact that the park and the reserve are surrounded by the Black Sea, Adjara and Imereti mountain ranges, the climate here has high humidity. It promotes the growth of a variety of plant species, as well as the habitat of many interesting representatives of the animal world.

The most significant zone of the reserve is located in the picturesque valley of the Kintrishi River flowing into the Black Sea near the city of Kobuleti. There is a visitor center in the National Park. The park staff has developed tourist routes with equipped areas for picnics, campgrounds and places for making bonfires. Travelers can admire beautiful landscapes, relict centuries-old yew trees and waterfalls. In the protected areas of Kintrishi, visitors can travel on foot and on horseback. The protected area can be visited at any time of the year.

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The program of each hike is discussed and planned individually, taking into account your wishes, for a better overview of the paths and hikes on the territory of   Kintrishi National Park 

Marked and organized by us trails:

1. Tamara arch bridge and Box-tree Stand – 1,200m, 1.5 hours, pedestrian, difficulty – easy.

The route starts from the beautiful arched stone bridge (XI-XII centuries) of the Kintrishi River. Further visitors can admire stunning landscapes, visit the oldest wine jugs, and a waterfall. While traveling along the path, visitors can take advantage of the existing shelter, tent and picnic area.

2. Yew and Lake Tbikeli – 37 km, 2 days, pedestrian/horse riding, difficulty – average

It is an ideal route for hiking, horse riding and camping. The reserve is home to the rarest representatives of the ancient berry yew over a thousand years old. The popular inhabitants of Tbikeli, newts, are listed in the Red Book and are considered a protected species. Tent camp is often set up on the lake shore to meet one of the most colorful sunrises in Georgia.

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