Lagodekhi national park

Lagodekhi National Park (Eastern Georgia, Region of Kakheti)

Lagodekhi National Park is located on the slopes of the Greater Caucasus Range. The peculiarities of the geographical position of the national park, reliably sheltered from the masses of cold air by the spurs of the Caucasus Mountains, ensured the formation of a warm and humid climate of the subtropical type on this relatively small territory, and under the influence of the climate, natural ecosystems unique for these latitudes were formed. Higher along the slopes of the ridges, it becomes colder and drier, the climate gradually changes towards the alpine, altitudinal zoning can be traced here, when lush subtropical vegetation is gradually replaced by broad-leaved forests, and then alpine meadows.

This amazing park is very interesting in terms of visiting – it is in no way inferior to the reserves of many exotic countries. This is a separate ecosystem that lives its own life – when there is a sultry heat in Kakheti, coolness and twilight reign here. The underbrush is shimmering with dew, and the flowers are fragrant, intoxicating with a heady scent. The variety of landscapes has provided the richness of the animal world .. There are especially many rare birds that fill the reserve with polyphonic chimes. Peregrine falcon, golden eagle – these mighty birds can be observed in natural conditions. Interestingly, Lagodekhi has always remained a mystery even for the inhabitants of the state, because it differs sharply from the entire surrounding nature of Kakheti.

There are many short hiking and long hiking trails in the national park for tourists. And if your route goes south, you can reach the end of the Lagodekhi Gorge and go straight to the Alazani Valley, famous for its vineyards. A pristine, fabulously diverse riot of wildlife, clean and humid mountain air, plenty of sunshine and picturesque mountain landscapes – Lagodekhi National Park will provide you with an unforgettable trip. You can fish or swim in the waterfall, go horseback riding or hike to alpine meadows.

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The program of each hike is discussed and planned individually, taking into account your wishes, for a better overview of the paths and hikes on the territory of   Lagodekhi National Park.

Marked and organized by us trails :

1.Waterfall rocho – 9.5 km, 3-5 hours,  foot, medium difficulty

On the way from the beginning there are unique hornbeam groves (400 – 600 m above sea level), which are quite rare in the Caucasus. Then mixed beech groves. Surrounded by forest magic scent and mystery. At the end, there is a tremendous noise, splashes, a rainbow and between the green rocks a falling water mass that forms the 6-meter Rocho Falls. On the way, you can meet a deer, a fawn and a wild boar.

2. Waterfall “Ninos Khevi” – 8.5 km, 4-6 hours, foot, average difficulty

The trail runs under the cover of broadleaf trees. The noise of the river, small waterfalls, huge boulders and the breeze wandering in the valley will turn your walk into an exciting and adventurous journey up to the 40-meter waterfall – “Ninos Khevi”. On the way, there will be an opportunity to see rare relict plants, such as: Lagodekhi gentian, Lagodekhi snowdrop, furusula, lapina, chestnut, Georgian oak, etc. It is also possible to meet a fawn, deer, wild boar and birds of prey.

3.Machi Fortress – 10.5 km, 3-4 hours, foot /horseback, medium difficulty
On the way there is a hornbeam grove, moss spreading like a carpet and like fur covered on bare stones. The path turns into a mixed, beech grove and crosses the river “Bneli Kheoba”, from where we pass by a narrow path along the mountainside and move towards the castle. A remarkable fortress from the times of Kakhetian tsarist feudalism, surrounded by walls, underground passages and ruins of ancient buildings.