Machakhela national park

Machakhela National Park  (Western Georgia, Region of Adjara)

Machakhela National Park was created to preserve the unique biological and landscape diversity, long-term protection of the ecosystem of the Colchis forests, ensure environmental safety and develop tourist and recreational activities in the natural environment. The territory of the National Park is represented by stretching along the slope of the Machakhela River, shrouded in forest, where almost the entire territory is covered with chestnut, beech, hornbeam and alder forests. Of the tree species, 13 species are included in the Red Book of Georgia.

Machakhela National Park is interesting for ecotourists, nature lovers, active hikes. Machakhela Park is lush greenery, clean air, the sound of rivers and waterfalls. There are also preserved unique stone structures built during the time of Queen Tamara, whose name is associated with one of the best periods in the history of Georgia. The park is part of an ecological corridor linking the protected areas of southwestern Georgia (namely, the protected areas of the Mtirala and Kintrishi National Parks) and the protected area of northeastern Turkey.

The priority of the National Park is the conservation of such target species as: Caucasian bee, brown bear, Caspian snowcock, Caucasian salamander, yew, Chorokh oak, Hungarian rhododendron, Lazin iris. Also, it should be noted the importance of organic agriculture, the preservation of local architecture and cultural heritage. In the adjacent territories of Machakhela National Park, cultural and historical monuments are also of tourist interest: arched bridges of different periods, fortresses, wine press and marani.

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The program of each hike is discussed and planned individually, taking into account your wishes, for a better overview of the paths and hikes on the territory of    Machakhela National Park

Marked and organized by us trails:

1. Archangel trail – 9.1 km, car integrated with walking, difficulty – medium

The trail passes through massifs of beech and chestnut forests, passes mountain streams and springs, old settlements, goes to an alder alley and goes to Mount Archangel, from where views of the confluence of the Chorokha River with the Black Sea, the mountains of Batumi and Keda, Shuakhevi and Khulo, open the settlements located below. We can say that all of Adjara is from here, at a glance. An eco-educational space is located 300 meters from the observation deck, where you can get acquainted with the flora and fauna of the Machakhela National Park, hold eco-educational lectures and other events.

2.Kokoleti trail – 15 km, car integrated with walking, difficulty – medium

The route starts from the village of Kveda Kokoleti. After crossing the village road (9 km), the road continues (6 km) in a Colchis-type forest. It is represented by mixed deciduous-coniferous forest and leads to the observation deck, from where a view of the protected territory of Turkey – “Jamil Biosphere Reserve” and 6 villages of the historical “Upper Machakhela” opens. There is a picnic and tent area 1.2 km from the house, where those who wish to spend the night in nature can pitch their tents. Tourists can enjoy the beautiful environment of rainforest, wildlife and cold springs.

3.Gemini falls -.10.6 km, car integrated with walking, difficulty – easy

On the way, you can see the beautiful views and villages of the Machakhela Valley. Visitors have the opportunity to visit the cannons from the Second World War. The arched bridge of Queen Tamara, built in the XII century, the Chkhutuneti fortress of the XI-XIII centuries and wine cellars. The trail runs along the right bank of the Kokoleti River, where mixed deciduous and coniferous forests meet along the way. At the end of the trail you will see a magnificent sight, a noisy river with small waterfalls and huge boulders, and two waterfalls descend among the green rocks about 47 meters high.


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