Vashlovani National Park

Protected Areas of Vashlovani  ( Eastern Georgia, Region Kakheti)

Vashlovani Protected Areas is located in the extreme eastern part of the Dedophlistskaro district. It includes Vashlovani Nature Reserve, National Park and 3 Natural Monuments – Eagle Gorge, Takhti-Tepa Mud Volcanoes and Kaklisyure Alazani floodplain forest. Its area includes Pantishara-Vashlovani massive, whose height is up to 300-600 meters above sea level. The name Vashlovani is derived from the natural similarity and disposition of pistachio and apple trees that leaves the association of the fruit garden. Its total area amounts to 35292 ha.

Administrative and visitors center of the national park is located in Dedoplistskaro. Exhibition and presentation hall is designed in administrative building, where visitors have the opportunity to become familiar with the specifics of protected areas, safety rules and choose the desired travel route.

Vashlovani Protected Areas tourist trail network gives the possibility of hiking for one or several days. Paths are marked and well-arranged. Bungalows, picnic spots, and camping sites are arranged along the routes. Sites for setting up a fire are also allocated. National park offers hiking, geological, biking, photo, cultural and educational tours.

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The program of each hike is discussed and planned individually, taking into account your wishes, for a better overview of the paths and hikes on the territory of   Vashlovani Protected Areas .

Marked and organized by us trails:

  1. Eagle Valley – 7-8 km., 1 day, by car – integrated with walking, medium difficulty

Main attractions: limestone cliffs of the Eagle  gorge, rare endemic plants, observation of the flight of vultures and 9 species of birds of prey – among them the Colchis pheasant and the black stork, the ruins of the medieval fortress city of Khornabuji, panoramic views of the Alazani Valley and the Eastern Caucasus.

  1. Valley of Bear – 120 km, 1 day, car – integrated with walking, medium difficulty

Main attractions: wildlife with relict plants, pistachio trees and evergreen junipers, the Nagomrebi ridge covered with xerophytic vegetation, many nests of swallows, bare sea molluscs, fossilized bones well represent the giant size of a mammal living a million years ago.

  1. Mud volcanoes – 110 km, 1 day, road, medium difficulty

From the crater of the Volcano, gas, oil and mud with medicinal properties are constantly erupting and flowing out. On the surface, there are certain types of chalopites: Kalidium caspicum, Suaeda sp. Petrosimonia brachiata, Gamenthus pilosus, Limonium meyeri and others, while the slopes of the volcano are covered with a semi-desert phytocenosis.

  1. Sport fishing – 160 km, 2 days

For lovers of fishing, it is possible to fish with a rod and seine on the Alazani River, about 20 species of fish. Spring and autumn are considered the best fishing seasons. There are many catfish, carp, gobies, barbel and Caucasian herring in Alazani. This is the list of fish that the visitor catches on the river, in spring and autumn. It is possible to spend the night in accommodations arranged by the administration

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