Tusheti National Park

Tusheti National Park is located on the territory of the historical region of the same name, known for its picturesque mountain landscapes, alpine meadows and the hospitality of local residents. The protected park occupies most of Tusheti, located in the north-eastern part of the country. The area of the Tusheti National Park is 69.5 thousand hectares. The area of the state reserve is 12.6 thousand hectares. Natural beauty combines mountain peaks, passes, picturesque slopes, gorges, rivers, meadows and valleys.

Picturesque villages with houses perched on the hills keep their own history and present their sights to travelers – towers, fortresses, ruins of temples. On the territory of the national park there are preserved ancient burials, tombs of the 5th century. and crosses installed on heights. The rich flora and the presence of a large number of fresh water sources contribute to the support, preservation and development of the fauna of the Tusheti National Park.

Tourists can choose historical, cultural and folklore tours, acquaintance with natural landscapes and man-made sights, watching birds of prey and Caucasian bezoar goats. During the trip, tourists can get to know the inhabitants and shepherds, see the colorful rural life, taste lamb dishes, Tushetian wines, homemade cheeses, and, if desired, take part in their preparation. The tourist season in Tusheti lasts only a few months – from June to October.

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The program of each hike is discussed and planned individually, taking into account your wishes, for a better overview of the paths and hikes on the territory of   Tusheti National Park.

Marked and organized by us trails:

1.Keselo  – 10 km, 8 h, walking, easy

Main attractions: Keselo fortress, ethnographic museum, impressive landscape, variety of birds, bezoar goat watching.

2. Dartlo-Kvavlo – 25 km, 2 days, on foot and on horseback, medium difficulty

Main attractions: The village of Dartlo is one of the most beautiful places and is distinguished by its architectural ensemble and landscape. From the village of Dartlo the road rises to the village of Kvavlo. The village is located on rocky mountain slopes. The districts are connected by paths built of stone and cut through walkways.

3. Dakuehi – 73 km, 6 days, on foot and on horseback, difficult

Main attractions: one of the most beautiful villages in Tusheti – Dartlo, medieval fortresses, the impressive landscape and gorges of Pirikiti and the Atsunta pass, a variety of birds, wonderful architectural examples – Mutso and Shatili.

4. Diklo – 28 km, 1-2 days, on foot and on horseback, average difficulty

Main attractions: one of the most beautiful villages in Tusheti – Shenako, the ruins of ancient Diklo, an impressive natural landscape, a variety of birds, tasting of the national Tush wine.

5. Gonta – 49 km, 3 days, equestrian, difficulty

Main attractions: unique alpine meadows, the road moves towards the watershed ridge, from where you can see the beautiful landscapes of two valleys (Pirikita and Gometsri). On the route, there are shepherds’ camps in several places.

6 . Dochu – 27 km, 2 days, on foot and on horseback, medium difficulty

Main attractions: pine forest habitat, bezoar goat habitat, alpine meadows. The route passes through a deciduous forest, crosses to a bridge and then continues to Gogrulti, where tombs dating back to the 5th century were discovered.

7. Oreti – 18 km, 1–2 days, on foot and on horseback, average difficulty

Main attractions: beautiful views from Lake Ireti, Caucasian snowcock and other species of birds, during the trip there is an opportunity to see mammals (deer, bezoar goat, bear).

8. Fortress of Love – 8 km, 5 hours, on foot and on horseback, medium difficulty

Main attractions: views of the village of Omalo, mixed forest habitat, Fortress of Love. According to folk legend, if you make a wish for love, it will come true. Bezoar goats and bird-watching can be seen along the route.


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