Nekresi monastery

Nekresi Monastery  (Region of  kakheti)

Nekresi Monastery complex (Georg. ნეკრესის მონასტერი) is standing on a hill and facing a beautiful view of the Alazani Valley. Although it was founded by St. Abibo Nekreseli, one of the Thirteen Syrian monks who came to Georgia in the 6th century to strengthen Christian faith but already in the 4th century one of the first Christian churches was built here. Thus Nekresi Monastery ensemble includes several structures built in different times.

The main church of Assumption of the Virgin was built in 6-7th CC. Nekresi Monastery experienced numerous of Muslims invasions. There is a legend which tells about one of it: when Nekresi was attacked by Muslims, defenders of the monastery let the pigs out of the monastery. Muslims soldiers saw the pigs on their way, ceased hostilities and left the monastery in the peace. In commemoration of this rescue the pig was announced as Nekresi protector and up to now the Nekresi st. Virgin temple is the only one church in Georgia where pig can be sacrificed.


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