Nikortsminda church

Nikortsminda  (Region of  Racha – Lechkhumi)

Nikortsminda (Georg. ნიკორწმინდის ტაძარი). Cathedral of St. Nicholas of the Racha Eparchy (XI-XIX cc.) according to the donator inscription on the western gate was built by the first king of unified Georgia, Bagrat III in 1010-1014. The southern and western gates were attached in XI century. In 1534 cathedral was refurbished by Imereti king, Bagrat III . Three-story bell tower of Nikortsminda was built in the second half of XIX century.

Cathedral has the form of a short-sleeved right-angled cross, five apses. Interior has preserved frescos of XVII century. The jacket of the church is decorated with well-processed stone. The 12-window neck of the dome is shaped with arcade. Cathedral is lavishly adorned with rich ornaments. There is a big multi-figure bas-relief with a plot, multi-figure scene (Second Coming of Christ, Transfiguration, Elevation of the Holy Cross), images of Saints, mythical and real zoomorphic figures. Windows have encircled ornamented decoration.


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