Georgia Voyage

Travel Agency «Georgia Voyage»  offers a wide range of leisure and excursion offers. Our range includes classic itineraries with visits to several cities and regions, city tours, weekend trips, exclusive, thematic and holiday programs. In addition to the usual standard visits, we offer services for the organization of individual and corporate trips, whose program and cost depend only on your wishes and your financial resources.

We make a 1 day trek to real 15 day trip and we take individual tourist groups from 1 person to unlimited amount of tourists. Our itineraries are designed in such a way that an experienced tourist and a beginner can take part. The programs of our tours are based on our experience and the opinions of our customers totally different. Our services are used by national and international companies, large corporations and businessmen.  «Georgia Voyage» actively participates in tourism exhibitions and annual international conferences that share experiences.

Our tours are itineraries – semi-manufactured products that can be easily remodeled. Add and subtract the number of excursion days. Sort or redo the day of excursion, change the succession, the duration. Every day excursion is a stand-alone destination. It is the separate route with the calculation of the distance and the comfortable movement between the excursion points. Circuit programs are conditional. The places to visit are given as an example. Each tour and each itinerary is examined at the time of the request. Also, at the desire of the tourists, they can change the already booked and paid program.

«Georgia Voyage»  is a receptive company and we know perfectly all the very specific sights of the tourist infrastructure of our country. (transport, reception points – accommodation, meals … At very reasonable prices, we can offer your customers suitable itineraries, with the presentation specially installed on our page  of all the attractions of the country  (see Attractions)   In addition to the programs presented (see Tours) , we are ready to compose and review with you each individual tour and itinerary and make the overall decision, establish prices, duration of trip, condition of residence, the questions of food, accompaniment (forwarder to Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Russia) until the end of the trips.

We also specialize in the organization of gastronomic tours and business trips (MICE). At very reasonable prices, we will organize real Georgian tableaus – with classical live music (violin, viola, flute and cello) and national songs and dances in the performance of folklore ensembles. (in restaurants … in private establishments (peasants) … and picnics in nature). Our gastronomic tours include master classes based on traditional recipes, visits to local markets and wineries. That’s why we are often visited by non-standard travel and leisure enthusiasts. People who like to eat well and have fun.

Have in mind that in addition to gastronomic tours we will also organize hunting and fishing tours, pedestrian trips …. live with peasants and know their life and crafts. That’s why we are often visited by non-standard travel enthusiasts. In order to protect our work and our rights, exclusive developed itineraries and receipt points, we only provide for the actual buyers.

Transportation is a very important attribute of every trip. Georgia Travel offers its own vehicles. Our advantage is our vast experience in holding different types of circuits, as well as in the proven base of experienced drivers. This allows us to provide the best cars for our customers.

For more information, do not hesitate to call us or write us  Viber / WhatsApp +995 599 25 65 19  or an E-mail :   We are always ready to advise you and answer all your questions, regarding the organization of tourism and recreation in Georgia.