Okatse canyon

Okatse canyon (region of Imereti)

Okatse canyon (Georg. ოკაცეს კანიონი) located in western Georgia, in the village of Gordi, has already attracted large numbers of tourists and amazed them with its magnificent wild nature, astonishing waterfalls and breathtaking views.  The canyon is situated in the ravine of the river Gordi, which runs for roughly 14 kilometres. The canyon width ranges from 3-6 to 15-20 meters, while its depth is between 20-100 meters.

Viewers and tourists are also delighted with the size and number of waterfalls ; one of them called Oskhapo , is 60 meters high A visitors centre was built, along with a hanging path 250 metres in length, as well as a 500 metre path through the canyon and forest, a walking path of two kilometres, and an observation spot with panoramic views of the entire valley. There are also several natural stone bridges on the river and caves in the canyon, from where Karst waters freely flow.


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