Keselo castle

Omalo Towers (Region of Tucheti)

Omalo (Georg. ომალო) – medieval village located in the historic Tushetia region in northeastern Georgia. It is the central village, with an aerodrome, welcoming helicopters supplying the heights. There are two Omalo: Kvemo Omalo, a village from Soviet times, where most of the locals live. Above is the old village of Zemo Omalo, with its picturesque stone houses and its emblematic set of defensive towers perched on their peak (called Keseloebi). One of them houses a small regional ethnographic museum.

Due to its high mountain location in the heart of the Greater Caucasus Mountains, Omalo is isolated from the rest of Georgia for most of the year. The only access point to the village of Omalo is the Abano Pass, located at an altitude of 2,826 meters. This vertiginous, long and poorly maintained track is only passable on sunny days, so that the village, like the rest of the region, finds itself completely blocked during the 5 winter months.


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