Lamiskana(Orbeliani) palace

Orbeliani Palace  (Region of Shida Kartli)

The palace complex in Lamiskana was the residence of Jambakur – Orbeliani(Georg. ლამისყანის ჯამბაკურ-ორბელიანთა სასახლე), a well-known feudal family in Georgia. The complex combined a two-story palace, the Church of St. George, a wine cellar, a stable and a mill. Today, only the church and a rather large palace, built of cobblestones and flat square bricks, surrounded by balconies on all four sides, remain.

Several fireplaces and wall-mounted stoves were used to heat the building. At one time, the walls of the palace were covered with Japanese fabric. The palace housed a rich library of the family  Jambakur- Orbeliani. Currently, the palace houses a museum. In the large hall, personal belongings of the owners of this palace are exhibited. Since 2006, the Orbeliani palace complex has been given the status of a cultural heritage monument.


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