Travel company  «Georgia Voyage»  is currently undertaking a new quality process with the aim of offering their clientele 100% satisfaction. Our goal – To offer a high quality service so you may enjoy every aspect of your stay to the full.

A warm welcome awaits you on arrival at the the Tourist Office front desk. The dynamic, welcoming staff have been fully trained to offer complete customer satisfaction.

Front desk

– Each and every client is greeted on arrival with eye contact or a welcome phrase.

– Waiting times are limited or made more agreeable : the layout of the office allows the visitor to wait whilst having access to useful information : events, entertainments, web sites …

The 2 digital screens, visible from the outside, help actively inform visitors as they pass by.

– Telephone calls are dealt with in friendly, fast and efficient manner

– Personalized advice is given according to the client’s expectations.

Contact with our foreign visitors is made easier by having a trilingual staff and by offering brochures in different languages.

Information management 

– A guarantee that documentation is sent as quickly as possible.

– Information is updated clearly, reliably and directly, and revised daily.

– Alternative solutions will be found and offered to our clients in case of cancellation, disruption or postponement of an event.

Consideration of customer satisfaction and constant improvement

– Visitor satisfaction is measured by providing them with satisfaction survey and comments and suggestion sheets, which are processed and analyzed.

– Constant improvement of the quality of our welcome, services and/or products, and customer services on offer.

As part of this initiative, Travel company  «Georgia Voyage»  has commenced the procedure to obtain the Tourism Quality Mark. This is the genuine stamp of approval of the State concerning the quality of services offered to our visitors who are therefore assured of the best service when organizing their holiday.

 Category II rating

The tourist office is rated as a category II establishment.  As a result it promises to :

– Offer easy access to the reception and information desk.- Facilitate your procedures.

– Offer you a place to sit down.

– Offer local tourist information free of charge.

– Offer free wifi access.

– Display and publish its opening hours in at least two foreign languages.

– Be open at least 240 days a year, including Saturdays and Sundays during the tourist or event season

– Answer correspondence all year round.

– Ensure a permanent reception service with staff speaking at least two foreign languages.

– Ensure the distribution of tourist maps and guides in paper form.

– Offer access to its trilingual website.

– Update its tourist information annually

– Display emergency phone numbers outside.

– Offer all its clientele competent information concerning the entire geographical area concerned

– Process complaints and measure customer satisfaction

– Respect the quality procedure

– Offer a holiday advisory service

– Guarantee that the local tourist information is reliable and up to date.

The priorities of our company are adapted to the rules and trends of the market of modern tourist services: widening the range of tourist programs, improving the quality of the range of services and continuous development of customer reception technologies.

We are always happy to see you and hope you enjoy the services and directions we can offer you on our website.