Pankisi Valley (Region of Kakheti)

Pankisi Valley (Georg. პანკისის ხეობა) – located in Kakheti, in the upper reaches of the Alazani Gorge, which is 34 km long. The slopes of the gorge are covered with a wide range of deciduous forests up to 2000-2200 m. The Pankisi Gorge is an ideal place if you want to relax in nature, where your comfort is only the murmur of Alazani and the snort of a horse, where you can relax, read a book, light a fire and spend the night with your friends unforgettable.

Nothing is better to hide in a wooden hut in rainy weather, wrapped in a blanket, not one secret story can be remembered, or just drink hot tea and enjoy the smell of rain. In this warm environment, you can organize a small hike to the beautiful waterfalls of Khodori, Tbatana and other nearby places of interest. Horse racing is a favorite hobby of the residents. Here, such tournaments are held systematically and are the best entertainment for active youth.


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