Partskhisi fortress

Fortress of Partskhisi (Region of Kvemo Kartli)

Fortress of Partskhisi (Georg. ფარცხისის ციხე) is located on a high hill, in a strategically convenient place and controlled the valley of the Algeti River. The first mention of the Partskhisi fortress is found in the chronicles of  XI century, although it must have been built much earlier. According to researchers, this happened in IX-X century. It is interesting that the remains of a much more ancient wall, which is at least 3 thousand years old, were found on the same hill. During the enemy invasion, the fortress of Partskhisi was also used as a refuge for the population.

The fortress consisted of two main parts. The central part was occupied by the citadel, which was surrounded by a concentric fence. The walls of the castle, with a thickness of about 6 meters, are badly damaged and have been preserved in fragments. According to the plan, the fortress had a symmetrical outline, its axis was oriented from east to west. In the western part of the citadel there was a 3-4-storey tower. The wide entrance gates are blocked by an arch. To the east of the gate there is a small warehouse, from where the tunnel starts. It is said to have been 300 meters long with access to the river Partskhisistskali (Georg. ფარცხისის წყალი). In the southeastern part of the territory of the fortress, two small churches have been preserved.


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