Peace bridge

Peace Bridge (The city of Tbilisi)

Peace Bridge (Georg. მშვიდობის ხიდი). A modern steel bridge structure and high-tech style glass, thrown from one shore to the other from the Kura, linked the old city districts to new microtistrics. Avant-garde Europeans were involved in the development of the Pont de la Paix project: the Italian architect F. Martin and the French designer M. de Lucchi.

The new bridge, suspended in a transparent bluish arch above the river, has become a symbol of the Tbilisi path from the past to the future. The bridge is remarkable for the magnificent illumination integrated into the parapets of the bridge in the evening: every hour, 30,000 bulbs “write” the names of the chemical elements that make up the human body. The beautiful old town, sung in poetry and prose, leaves a deep impression on all those who come here


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