Rike Park

Rike Park – (The city of Tbilisi)

Rike Park (Georg. რიყის პარკი). Its name in Georgian means “Sands” and indicates its location in the former floodplain of the Kura River. The park is made in an unusual, modern style, there are almost no empty spaces, all empty spaces are occupied by infrastructure, art or recreation facilities. The expressiveness of the landscape of the park is not due to the variety of vegetation, but to the presence of numerous attractions.

The decoration of the recreation area is interesting. Among the works of art: a fountain built in the style of cubism, and a huge piano. In the evening, all the alleys of the park are illuminated with romantic lights, creating a magical atmosphere. In the summer half of the year, the park hosts a show of singing and dancing fountains every evening. Another well-known object is located next to the Rike Park – the Bridge of Peace. By cable car you can climb to the Narikala fortress.


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