Romanov Palace

Romanov Palace (Region of Samtskhe-Javakheti)

Romanov Palace in Borjomi(Likani) (Georg. რომანოვების სასახლე). It is not known for what reason Nikolai Mikhailovich liked this particular place, but the palace was built here. Work began in 1892. Leonty Benois was chosen as the chief architect. The building is made in an exotic Moorish style, which is distinguished by oriental motifs, rich decorations and the difference of each of the facades. Also, the palace was designed specifically for the hot and humid climate of Georgia – it is always cool and dry inside.

The palace was an important building, for its functioning, the first hydroelectric power station in the entire Russian Empire was built on the Kura River. After the revolution and the overthrow of the autocracy, the palace in Likani continued to serve as the summer home of the ruling elite. Sometimes even Joseph Stalin personally spent summer evenings here. In 2016, the complex was transferred to the management of the state fund for rehabilitation and support (term of the contract is 25 years). It is planned to carry out a complete external and internal restoration of the palace. After restoration, the Romanov Palace in Borjomi will be transformed into a museum.


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