Rukhi Castle

Rukhi Fortress (Region of Samegrelo)

Rukhi Fortress (Georg. რუხის ციხე) – ancient fortification structure, destroyed at the end of the 18th century, is also called “history frozen in stone.” During its existence, the Rukhi fortification more than once acted as a silent witness to enemy invasions, attacks by the Turks were especially frequent. Feudal Samegrelo had a number of similar fortresses built on the Colchis lowland. Earlier fortifications were built on mountain heights and were difficult to access; for buildings of a later era, projects were adjusted.

In those days, they could attack at any moment, so the fortifications had to be located near the population to quickly shelter people and moving property. This moment also assumed the presence of a large area. These conditions were fully taken into account during the construction of the Rukhi fortress. To date, the fortification is a majestic ruin, their foundations in a number of places covered with grass and bushes. Despite the destruction, the appearance of the fortress for several centuries continues to be grandiose and even now is admired.


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