Salkhino palace

Salkhino Palace ( Region of Mingrelia)

Salkhino Palace (Georg. სალხინოს სასახლე). The summer residence of Dadiani in the village Salkhino  is truly distinguished. The palace is situated near the home of  Ojaleshi (variety of wine grape) on the bank of  river Tsachkhura, which is famed for its fine trout. The plan of  palace, with its ground-floor wine vessel, oaken posts, and handsomely ornamented arch, fully justifies the name of  palace Salkhino, which means “Festive”. The idea of building a palace of this kind, on this spot, could only have come to a Prince such as Levan Dadiani, who spent all his life in feasting and singing. The garden was designed by an Italian designer Zeb Lambert. In the end of the garden there is a wine cellar built in the 18th century.


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