Sataplia caves

Sataplia nature reserve ( Region of Imereti)

Sataplia nature reserve (Georg. სათაფლიის  ნაკრძალი).  The name translates as “honey”. Karst caves appeared due to the washing out of rocks. The size of the caves and their topography are amazing. The Sataplia Cave is almost a kilometer long. Getting here, the feeling does not leave that this is a real underground kingdom, where unusual living creatures live. Karst-type caves are famous for growths – stalactites and stalagmites, which are formed when water seeps through stones and rocks. The speed of this process is very small, but given that this happens over millions of years, quite impressive “icicles” (stalactites) form inside the caves.

The territory of the reserve is 354 hectares, most of which is forest, where evergreen and deciduous trees are represented. In the reserve, tourists can see unique geological objects – traces of real dinosaurs. Dinosaur footprints are a piece of limestone rock. Scientists have determined that the footprints date back to the Cretaceous period, which means they are about 160 million years old. In 2010, a building was erected over the place with prints, and a path was laid along them so that tourists could easily observe this miracle of archeology and take pictures of it. You can go to the forest, where realistic life-size sculptures of these ancient animals are exhibited.


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