Shaori megaliths

Shaori Megaliths ( Region of Samtskhe-Javakheti )

Shaori fortress  (Georg. შაორის მეგალითები) was built on a mountain that is an extinct volcano. Megalithic structure of the Bronze Age in the Samtskhe-Javakheti region. With its apparent simplicity, the complex is of great importance. Archaeoastronomical research has shown that it is oriented towards a point on the horizon with a geodetic azimuth of 98-100 degrees. This may indicate the likely use of the complex as a solar observatory. Here, standing near the central menhir, the ancients could observe the sunrise and sunset on the days of the Solstices. And a whole host of other astronomical phenomena.
Shaori consists of two fortresses. One is the main one on the western summit (2760 m.), And a more modest fortress on the eastern summit (2600 m.). A road paved with stone slabs leads from the main fortress and descends like a serpentine to the saddle between the peaks. The small fortress is a structure slightly rounded in plan. It is quite a plausible version that Shaori was a Cult City. Perhaps priests lived inside a large fortress, and outside there were servants, or priests of a lower rank. The mountain on which the fortress is located stands somehow isolated and clearly stands out among the neighboring peaks. They could well consider it a sacred place.


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