Stalin museum

Stalin Museum  (Region of Kartli)

Stalin Museum (Georg. სტალინის მუზეუმი).  The museum consists of several parts. The largest is the main exhibition building with a recognizable turret. All the exhibits are there. Nearby is the same house, closed by a sarcophagus.  The Stalin Museum is dedicated to all aspects of the life of the famous leader. There are three departments in it, in which rare exhibits are exhibited: original letters and notes, photographs, military chronicles, maps, battle diagrams, Stalin’s personal belongings, photographs of the sons of Yakov and Vasily, letters, generalissimo uniform, death mask.

The museum keeps the archives of the leader, including children’s and youthful poems. Gifts to Stalin are collected in a separate room. Everywhere – busts of Stalin made of stone, wood, plaster. A special exhibit is Stalin’s personal armored comfortable carriage with a luxurious interior for that time: Venetian glass mirrors, carved furniture. The car was installed next to the museum relatively recently – transferred to the North Caucasian Railway in 1985. The car has been preserved almost in the form in which Stalin used it during his trips to the Yalta and Tehran conferences. Inside the car, nothing was altered or restored. Everything was as it was during Stalin’s lifetime: an office with a table, a telephone and a sofa, a bathroom, a security compartment.


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