Surami fortress

Surami fortress ( Region of Kartli)

Surami fortress (Georg. სურამის ციხე). The medieval fortress is located on the southern slopes of the Likhi Range (alternatively known as the Surami Range) which divides Georgia into its eastern and western parts. The first human settlement on Surami’s territory dates back to the early Bronze Age. Strategically located at the entrance into the Borjomi Gorge and guarding the road from eastern to western Georgia, Surami became a heavily fortified town in the 12th century.

About who exactly built this fortress and when it happened, nothing is known. It is believed that the fortress was built on this site at the very beginning of the era of mature feudalism. The fortress occupied a large territory and consisted mainly of the upper and lower fortresses. The upper fortress is located on a high rocky hill, and the lower fortress adjoins it from the south, east and west. There is practically nothing left of the lower fortress, but the upper fortress has been preserved quite well and is therefore one of the important tourist sites.


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