Tbilisi sea

Tbilisi «Sea» (Tbilisi City)

Tbilisi «Sea» (Georg. თბილისის ზღვა)– the unofficial name of a huge reservoir, located at an altitude of more than 500 m above sea level, in the northern part of the city and  favorite vacation spot for citizens. It was created in the middle of the last century in order to supply the capital of Georgia with water, and for this purpose, three lakes and several surrounding villages were flooded with the waters of the Iori River. The length of the Tbilisi «sea» a is 9 km, the width is 3 km, the maximum depth is 45 m. In the spring, the reservoir is filled with water, so that it can be released throughout the rest of the year – as a result, the water level fluctuates up to 10 m. In winter, the reservoir does not freeze.

In addition to purely utilitarian purposes, the Tbilisi «sea»  is used by the citizens as a “huge park of culture and recreation.” Most of the coast is rocky, but there are well-maintained beaches. On the shores of the sea there is a water park, a yacht club, a sports town “Olympic Village”, built for the Youth Olympics 2015. The entertainment infrastructure is well developed here – there are running and cycling paths, swimming pools, cafes and restaurants, you can ride catamarans and scooters. On a hill above the water rises one of the most curious monuments of Tbilisi: “History of Georgia”


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