Tejisi megalits

Tejisi Megalithic Complex (Kvemo Kartli Region)

Tejisi Megalithic Complex (Georg. თეჯისის მეგალითური კომპლექსი). On the territory of Tejisi, the remains of cyclopean buildings are noticeable, it seems that there used to be a rather large complex, of which there was a megalithic fence, the so-called Cromlech – an ancient structure of the late Neolithic or early Bronze Age, which is several elongated stones placed vertically into the ground, forming one or more concentric circles and, as usual, in the center of such structures was another object. Most likely, at first a rather large pagan religious center was located here, and then a Christian church was built.

Inside the fence is the medieval church of St. Constantine. The building is not decorated with decorative elements. There are only an image of a relief cross on the western facade and simple headboard saris on the upper eastern and southern windows. Inside the Christian church, an unusual and huge stone menhir 3.8 meters high with the image of a cross is an example of the continuity of holy places regardless of faith. Apparently, local ministers needed additional premises and an extension was built on the south side of the temple, which, unfortunately, has not been preserved in its full form.


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