Timotesubani monastery

Timotesubani Monastery (Region of Samtskhe-Javakheti)

Timotesubani  Monastery (Georg. ტიმოთესუბანის სამონასტრო კომპლექსი) – medieval Georgian Orthodox Christian monastic complex located at the eponymous village in the Borjomi Gorge. The  Church of the Dormition is Built on the ruins of an ancient monastery by the ruler of those places, the holy martyr, Prince Shalva Toreli-Akhaltsikheli, the national hero of Georgia. The beginning of construction dates back to 1195 and was completed in 1215.

On the northern terrace there is a one-nave basilica of the Holy Great Martyr Barbara, and to the northeast of the church there are remains of a tomb made of stone. The central temple is one of the most important monuments of the Georgian cultural heritage. It is built of light pink so-called “Georgian” bricks and is a central domed structure. The painting of the temple is one of the most difficult for its era. The temple was painted in 1205-1215. Most of the frescoes have survived to this day. In 2000-2006, work was carried out to clean and preserve them.



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