Tobavarchkhili's lakes

Tobavarchkhili Lakes (Region of  Mingrelia)

Tobavarchkhili Lakes (Georg. ტობავარჩხილის ტბები) that translates from Megrelian language to “Silver Lake” lies at the heart of Egrisi Mountains, which separate the Svaneti region from lowlands. The lake is also known as “Crystal Lake” due to its clear, transparent water. It was formed by a glacier eroding the rock and then melting, filling in the space it created. Tobavarchkhili lakes, is one of the most beautiful and remote natural monuments of our country.  At an altitude of 2643 m. above sea level, Tobavarchkhili is certainly one of Georgia’s most outstanding natural beauties.

It is possible to reach only after a 20km hike from a town of Chkhorotsku. Visitors need to be physically fit and equipped with appropriate clothing and boots. The best time to visit is from the end of June until early September. At other times of the year there is often heavy rain and thick fog. To reach it, you have to walk for 3 days. There are no cultural sights such as villages or towers on the way, but it’s more than compensated by a very diverse environment – glacial lakes, rocky gorges, waterfalls, shepherds huts and much more.

What’s even better, you will meet only a few hikers, mostly Georgians. Foreign tourists with limited time and even more limited ability to remember crazy Georgian words such as “Tobavarchkhili” usually focus on better-known areas and keep this gem of Caucasus mostly unspoiled.


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