The corporate trip is an excellent surprise for employees, which not only helps to rest, but also contributes to the development of the business. The experience of large companies has shown that the work of employees after a common rest becomes more effective. As part of such trips, conditional demarcations by status disappear, making personal and professional communication free and more effective.

Corporate tourism is different from the ordinary. During the corporate tour we can not only rest, but also work. For example, organize a seminar where employees can share their experience and knowledge. Corporate tourism is a good rest in any place of the globe, as well as the parallel decision of current business issues and tasks. Corporate tour – this can be:

  • The joint trip and a meeting to discuss, the findings of the facts, the decisions of the problems and the conferences;
  • Promotional trips for employees and partners.

The company “Georgia Travel” deals with the organization of corporate routes with the development of individual programs and the provision of additional services. On your request, we can create a tourist program, whose training will take into account your wishes to visit specific places, as well as specificities of transport and logistics, the other peculiarities of the course. Our corporate clients can be:

  • State and private enterprises, the organization of the medium and small business;
  • Educational institutions: schools, colleges and universities;
  • Public associations.

We take absolutely responsibility for all organizational matters:

  • Selection of the place corresponding to the wishes, the chosen scenario and the budget;
  • Delivery of all participants of the tour to the venue of the event; Accommodation and meals;
  • Organization of transport services, travel, excursions;
  • Selection and reservation of conference rooms, exhibition areas, premises for the organization of training courses and seminars.
  • Rental of equipment and all technical support for seminars, training and other events;
  • Design (if necessary) advertising for printed materials, including invitations, albums, banners;
  • Quests, games, tasks and other corporate programs;
  • Excursions, visits of attractions, excursions in mountain, tourism;
  • Consultations and informational support;
  • Any other service you may need during your vacation.

We quickly and efficiently organize trips on various topics for large groups (from 100 people) to individual tourists. This will help you reduce expenses and reduce risk as our services include a discount system and high quality service.

Our specialized travel agency – it’s a well of information. For years, we have been acquiring knowledge, changing decisions under definite demands and choosing directions that meet budget requirements and expressed wishes.

Several hotels and restaurants give us serious discounts … .. And the company itself applies the practice of discounts for corporate customers. If companies use our services often and in large volumes, these reductions can be the most significant.

Check-in and hotel placement is another priority of our services. We grant corporate clients fast investment (based on pre-filled cards). In the case of large groups of travelers, the advantages of such a procedure are obvious compared to the usual settlement procedure.

Our services are really useful not only for participant trips instead of the event, but also for organizing the event itself. We offer tailored solutions for the main moments of the trip – choose a suitable room for a seminar or a conference, the installation of the equipment until the organization of gala evenings and the entertaining program, even preparation of memories for participants. Our work means not only certain accumulated knowledge and skills, but also the presence of partners in the tourist spheres of our country.

Have in mind that we specialize in the organization of gastronomic tours. At very reasonable prices, we will organize real Georgian tableaus – with classical live music (violin, viola, flute and cello) and national songs and dances in the performance of folklore ensembles. (in restaurants … in private establishments (peasants) … and picnics in nature). ( See Videos . Our gastronomic tours include master classes based on traditional recipes, visits to local markets and wineries. That’s why we are often visited by non-standard travel and leisure enthusiasts. People who like to eat well and have fun.

We will also organize hunting and fishing tours, pedestrian trips …. live with peasants and know their life and crafts. That’s why we are often visited by non-standard travel enthusiasts. In order to protect our work and our rights, exclusive developed itineraries and receipt points, we only provide for the actual buyers.

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