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A trip to the Lagodekhi national park, located near the city of Lagodekhi on the southern slopes of the eastern part of the Caucasian Range in the Alazani river basin. The complex relief formed by the combination of the Caucasus ridges and the wide Alazani valley, a warm, rather mild climate, here, in a relatively small area, determine the growth of a whole gamut of plant communities – from typical subtropics to mountain tundra.

The reserve has many hiking trails of varying difficulty – from the lightest to the most difficult, and all of them will bring great pleasure to tourists. Be sure that you will enjoy those that go along mountain and forest paths just a couple of kilometers and those that walk and ride more than twenty kilometers.

To date, in the protected areas of Lagodekhi, 3 scenic, informative and safe tourist routes have been arranged in the reserves for visitors, these are:

  • Waterfall  «Rocho»;
  • Waterfall  «Ninos Khevi»  (large waterfall);
  • Castle  «Machi».

The main entrance to the Lagodekhi Protected Areas is integrated from the administration and visitors complex. In the administration building there is a hall for exhibitions and presentations, where visitors have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the specifics of the existing tariffs, with the safety rules in the protected areas of Lagodekhi, and also choose the desired route.

  • Route №1 – Waterfall »Rocho» – (9.5 km, on foot, of average difficulty, Duration: 10-12 hours)

The tour starts from the visitor center and takes place under the cover of broad-leaved trees, in the direction of the »Shroma» river valley. Surrounded by forest magical aroma and mystery, we cross the  «Shromis Khevi» River and simultaneously move along the left slope of Mount «Ninigori», along a narrow footpath from where we overlook a noisy river, with small waterfalls and huge boulders. At the end, a terrific noise, splashes, rainbow and between the green rocks the fallen mass of water, which forms the 6-meter waterfall  «Rocho».

  • Route  2 –Waterfall «Ninos Khevi» (8.5 km, Hiking, Moderate difficulty, Duration: 10-12 hours)

The tour starts from the Gurgeniani Information Center and along the walking route runs parallel to the « Ninos Khevi» River. The noise of the river, small waterfalls, huge boulders and the breeze wandering in the valley will turn your walk into a fascinating and adventure trip. A magical spectacle will open before your eyes – a 40-meter high, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Georgia – « Ninos Khevi», the noise of which covers the whole territory. On the way, you will have the opportunity to see rare relic plants, such as: Gentian, Snowdrop, Furusula, Klenochka, Lapina, Chestnut, Georgian Oak, etc.

  • Route №3 – Castle « Machi » (10.5 km, Hiking and Horseback, Medium difficulty, Duration: 10-12 hours)

The tour begins with an information center located in the village of « Matsimi and heads along the « Bneli Cheoba» River. On the way there is a grave-grove grove, moss, spreading out like a carpet and like a fur covered on bare stones. Caught in a real fairy tale, we cross into a mixed, beech grove and cross the « Bneli Cheoba» river, from where we pass along the mountainside by a narrow path and move on to the castle that was built by our ancestors several centuries ago. A wonderful fortress from the time of Kakheti royal feudalism, surrounded by walls, underground passages and ruins of ancient buildings in front of visitors reveals and enlivens, already forgotten photographs of the ancient past.

* For each route, you need a separate day!


                                     The total price for each route $ ( US Dollar)                             

Number of  persons      1-3 per       4-6 per     7-16 per    17 -30 per
Mode of transport      Sedan      Minivan      Minibus        Bus
Price of excursions       110$         180$        240$        370 $


Tariffs for persons  $  (US Dollars)

  • Sedan:             1 per – 110$;  2 per – 55$;  3 per –  37$.
  • Minivan:         4 per –45$ ;  5 per – 36$;  6 per – 30$.
  • Minibus :        7 per – 35$;   8 per – 30$;    10 per- 24$ …….
  • Bus:                 17 per – 22$;   18 per– 19$;   20 per- 19 $ ….

Price Includes:  Transport throughout all round, Medical insurance, Service of qualified guide.

*Timetables : on request

*The tour programs are based on our experience and the opinions of our completely different customers. These are semi-finished circuits, whose programs can be easily redone. Add or subtract the number of excursion days. Sort or redo the excursion day, change the sequence, the duration, prices …

Every day excursion is a stand-alone destination. It is the separate route with the calculation of the distance and the comfortable movement between the excursion points. Each tour and each itinerary is examined at the time of the request. Also, at the desire of the tourists, they can change the already booked and paid program.



Lagodekhi national park
Lagodekhi national park
Lagodekhi national park
Lagodekhi national park
Lagodekhi national park
Lagodekhi national park
Lagodekhi national park

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