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To understand that food is more than necessary, it is worth going to Georgia. Georgia and tasty food are two concepts that can not be presented separately. When you think of Georgia, not only natural and picturesque natural images emerge in your head, but also beautiful and tasty Georgian national dishes and wines, the equivalent of which you will not find in any other country in the world.

In the national Georgian culture, food has a special and honorable place. Georgians prepare with great pleasure and inspiration. The process of preparation, like eating, is considered an important ritual. The same dish in different regions are cooked differently. Each cook adds his own flavor to his masterpiece.

The gastronomic possibilities of Georgia are fascinating, interesting and sometimes unpredictable. Significantly, every region of this country offers its own traditional dishes and beverages. Even the bread is cooked differently everywhere, not to mention the barbecue, khinkali khachapuri. Green vegetables and greens on Georgian tables are always present. The dish with a huge amount of fresh greenery complements the traditional meals. Virtually all dishes are also prepared with the use of vegetables and greenery.

The variety and temperament of Georgian cuisine perfectly illustrate the nature of Georgians. It is famous for the original sharp and spicy contrasts, the tasty scented meat, many sauces and, of course, red wine. Gourmet tours in Georgia will give you a plethora of hearty and family cooking flavors in all its splendor.

Wine tasting should not be neglected as it is part of gastronomy. Especially since the Georgian wine is as diverse as the cuisine. Wine tours in Georgia acquire a special color during the grape harvest period. Then you can not only taste the wine, but also participate in its collection and treatment. It’s much more interesting and informative. In doing so, you will be informed of the characteristics of each variety, its cultivation, harvest, processing and winemaking in general. It’s an entire science that requires attention and hard work.

Our gastronomic tour program necessarily includes a traditional Georgian dinner (usually several) with songs, toasts and dances, acquaintance with the chief cooks, which tell about the traditions of Georgian cuisine and the secrets of the dishes preparation. Moreover, culinary master classes are also part of our program: tourists will learn how to model khinkali, cook khachapouri and cook other dishes. Sometimes the products are brought by the chief cook, who leads the lesson, and sometimes he drives the tourists to the market to select the products together. The show is really meditative – all of this is really fascinating and stays forever in the memory.

For a long time we have specialized in organizing group excursions and gastronomic tours. As a result, at very reasonable prices, we organize real Georgian feasts: folk songs and dances interpreted by a folk ensemble, classical music (violin, viola, flute and cello) in restaurants … in private rooms (peasant) … or as picnics in nature. During our tours, you can visit wineries, cheese factories, vineyards, bakeries and, of course, taste all the products and wines produced locally. As a result, we are often visited by non-standard travel and leisure fans. People who like to eat well and have fun.

For clarity, here are some examples of some of our programs:

Gastronomic Tour (5 days – 4 nights)

The program includes:

Visit the most interesting natural, historical and architectural monuments;
Guide services;
Walking, horseback riding, camping;
Visit to the winery, cheese factory, bakery;
Visit agricultural markets to select products;
Supervision of the work of the cooks;
Master classes according to the preparation of the national dishes;
Full board (three times a day) with tasting close to 40 different national dishes;
Tables in restaurants and private premises (peasants) nature picnics;
Folklore evenings with folk songs and dances performed by the folklore ensemble;
Evenings with classical live music (violin, viola, flute and cello);
At desire, the original symbiosis of village and gastronomic tours.

Price for 1 person $ (in US dollars)

From $ 355 – 1 person

The price includes: Transfers, Transportation throughout the whole tour, Accommodation (DBL – 4 nights), Three meals a day, Folklore collective fee, Entrance fees, Guide services.

For more information, do not hesitate to call us or write us  Viber / WhatsApp +995 599 25 65 19  or an E-mail :   We are always ready to advise you and answer all your questions, regarding the organization of tourism and recreation in Georgia.

*We would like to note that we no longer exhibit a detailed description of ready-made exclusive programs. The tour programs are based on our experience and the opinions of our completely different clients. Drawing up a program is a serious and painstaking work. Some of our colleagues completely copy our tours. Not knowing the specifics of the area and many other factors, they simply spoil them and turn them into an ordinary incomprehensible hike. In order to protect our work and our rights, developed exclusive routes and receiving points, we provide only for real buyers.


Gastronomic Tour
Gastronomic tour
Gastronomic tour
Corporate dinner
Gastronomic tour
Corporate tour
Gastronomic tour
Gastronomic tour
Gastronomic tour
Gastronomic tour

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