Duration: 10-12 hours

Tour programme :  Tbilisi -Borjomi – Akhaltsikhe – Khertvisi – Vardzia – Tbilisi

Samtskhe-Javakheti – One of the most colorful regions of Georgia, carefully preserving its rich historical past, architectural monuments, culture and centuries-old traditions. Following the history of Georgia, the Samtskhe-Javakheti region was one of the most important and culturally advanced provinces.

Departure  for Borjomi. Modern Borjomi is one of the popular resorts in Georgia, which is suitable for ecotourism and family holidays. Its convenient location in the beautiful mountains of the Lesser Caucasus attracts many tourists all year round with its landscapes, the opportunity to relax and improve your health. There are dozens of mineral springs in Borjomi. The main mineral spring is located in the Central Park of Borjomi.

Visit to the city park Borjomi. Borjomi Central Park is a well-groomed place with a lot of vegetation, clean air, which is considered healing here, and a pleasant atmosphere where residents and guests of the city like to relax. Central Park gained its fame thanks to the city’s main hot spring of mineral water, which anyone can try for free. The source is located in the park in a beautiful blue pavilion with a dome with a glass roof. The main alley of the Central Park stretches along the Borjomula River passing here, over which bridges are installed, the length of the park itself is about a kilometer.

Visit to the pools of natural mineral water. The sulfur pools of Borjomi are located three kilometers from the entrance to the city park. The hot tubs themselves are three pools. All the water that enters the tanks comes from large taps, it is cloudy and has a somewhat specific smell, nevertheless, water procedures in the hot spring give vigor, and as a bonus, a walk in the pine forest. Next to the sulfur baths there are benches, showers and a cafe.

Visit to the Romanov Palace in Borjomi (Likani). The building is made in an exotic Moorish style, which is distinguished by oriental motifs, rich decorations and the difference of each of the facades. The palace was an important building, for its functioning, the first hydroelectric power station in the entire Russian Empire was built on the Kura River. The palace was built specifically for the hot and humid climate of Georgia – inside it is invariably cool and dry. After the overthrow of the autocracy, the palace in Likani continued to serve as the summer home of the ruling elite. Sometimes Joseph Stalin spent summer evenings here.

Visit to the Green Monastery. Monastery Located in the heart of a deciduous forest, a few kilometers from Borjomi. Here to this day there is a monastery, where the monks pray for the well-being of the country and the people. The monastery was built by the disciples of the famous Georgian figure Grigol Khandzteli – Christopher and Theodore. It consists of three basilica churches and a bell tower, where the ornaments of Georgian architecture are well read.

Departure for  Akhaltsikhe – located on the banks of the Potskhovi River, at an altitude of 1000 m above sea level. Even the name of the city speaks of its military past: Akhaltsikhe means “New Fortress” in Georgian, and the recently restored Rabati Fortress is evidence of this. Built in the 13th century, this military building has seen a lot in its lifetime. The fortress was repeatedly destroyed, often under siege, and eventually absorbed the traces of various cultures and religions.

Visit to the fortress of  Khertvisi, one of the ancient fortresses of Georgia. The location of the fortress is dictated by trade and military interests, for centuries along the Kura River there was a trade route from the Middle East to the northern regions. Judging by the ancient chronicles, Khertvisi is one of the first settlements on the territory of Georgia, which arose in ancient times, but was destroyed after the arrival of Alexander the Great. The picturesque place in which it is located makes this place even more attractive for tourists and travelers.

Visit to the cave city of Vardzia. Vardzia is not just cave rooms randomly dug into a sheer rock. This is a real multi-storey complex with streets, tunnels and stairs leading past monasteries, temples, fortresses, baths, libraries, residential buildings, etc. In total, over 600 rooms connected by passages, which stretched along the mountain for 800 meters in length, up to 50 meters deep into the mountain. meters and a height of eight floors.

The cave complex, in addition to the protective one, also performed a spiritual function – as a Christian monastery, in the center of which a large church of the Assumption of the Virgin was carved. Today, many historians argue that the construction of the Vardzia monastery complex, which was originally planned as a monastery, was only a pretext for building a powerful defensive fortress. Whatever the reason, the construction was a success: after all the work was completed, Vardzia looked like a real underground city.


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Borjomi park
Borjomi pools
Romanov Palace
Green monastery
Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park
Atskuri fortress
Slesa fortress
Rabati castle
Rabati castle
Rabati Fortress
Rabari castle
Rabati fortress
Safara monastery
Saro megaliths
khertvisi fortress
Khertvisi fortress
Tmogvi fortress
Tmogvi fortress
Vardzia route
Vanis kvabebi
Vardzia caves

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