Preserved by its long-lasting geographical isolation, the mountain landscape of the Upper Svaneti region is an exceptional example of mountain scenery with medieval villages and tower houses. The property occupies the upper reaches of the lnguri River Basin between the Caucasus and Svaneti ranges. It consists of several small villages forming a community that are dominated by the towers and situated on the mountain slopes, with a natural environment of gorges and alpine valleys and a backdrop of snow-covered mountains.


Day 1. Arrival

Arrival at the Kutaisi International Airport.   Transfer to the hotel. Time at leisure.

*In case of arrival at another international airport in Georgia, it is possible to make changes to the tour program and the procedure for its implementation 

Overnight in Mestia


Day 2. Kutaisi - Mestia

Departure for Svaneti. On the way visit the Enguri dam – a unique hydraulic structure, which is considered one of the highest in the world. The dam can also be safely called one of the most beautiful and all thanks to the mountain landscapes surrounding it. The Enguri River flowing here forms a deep turquoise lake.

Charming landscapes have long attracted tourists, so a few years ago, it was decided to improve the tourist infrastructure near the dam, which allows you to climb the panoramic elevator to a height of 280 meters, ride the cable car, get an adrenaline rush from the zipline descent, and also go on a boat trip.

After the Enguri dam. the road finally turns into a mountain serpentine. On this stretch of the path you can see a very beautiful waterfall on the right side. And on the left side, the Enguri River with an incredibly clear turquoise color of water will be visible for a long time. In terms of picturesqueness, the road will not yield to the famous Georgian Military Highway.

The further the road continues, the more and more often there will be a desire to stop in order to calmly enjoy the surroundings, photograph landscapes or shoot a commemorative video. Nature in these parts did its best, mountain serpentine, lush vegetation and snow caps of the mountains.

Overnight in Mestia


Day 3. Mestia – Cnalaadi – Hatvali - Mestia

Visit to the Chalaadi glacier. A wild rocky road runs through the forest, along the gorge of a beautiful mountain river. It begins with a stream that flows out of the ice and almost immediately turns into a turbulent stream. Glacial water has a tart taste. The Chalaadi massif itself is one of the largest in the Caucasus. It lies under the rocks of the impregnable two-headed beauty Ushba, a mountain that causes reverent awe of generations of climbers.

An even more bewitching panorama will open from the Hatsvali cable car – the youngest and richest ski resort in Georgia. The length of the cable car is 1400 meters. Hatsvali will give you not only a new perspective of Ushba, but also a beautiful view of another famous mountain – Tetnuldi. According to local legend, Ushba and Tetnuldi are a couple in love, a young man and a girl, whom evil fate did not allow to marry and they froze with grief, turning into two mountains separated by a deep gorge.

Overnight in Mestia


Day 4. Mestia – Mazeri - Mestia

As part of this route, you can get closer to the foot of the mysterious and mysterious glacier, covered with legends and legends, the majestic and impregnable Mount Ushba (4710 m),

Departure (in jeeps) to Mazeri – in a small Svan village in a high mountain valley on the banks of the Dolra River. Shdugra waterfall, in many sources is listed as Mazeri, named after the village. The road starts from the village of Mazeri, passes through shady coniferous forests, with excellent views of the rocky slopes of the peaks surrounding the Dolra River gorge. On the way to the waterfalls, you have the opportunity to drink real mineral water – the source is located right next to the road.

From the waterfalls the path continues to the Ushba glacier. Directly from the glacier under Mount Ushba flows a river that literally falls down four noisy waterfalls. This is one of the glaciers sliding down the two-headed mountain. It is here that the nature of Svaneti will once again fall in love and amaze you. This is a relatively small glacier, but upon closer inspection, it will turn out to be gigantic. A constant hum and crackle will come from everywhere.

Overnight in Mestia


Day 5. Mestia – Koruldi lakes - Mestia

Svaneti is distinguished by a variety of hiking trails and a multitude of impressive places. The Koruldi lakes are also one of those special places. Velvet meadows, ebbing waters and standing as a guard, white glaciers ascending to heaven, fill with freedom, peace and a sense of life. In spring, the magnificent landscape is complemented by flowering meadows.

The Koruldi lakes (2850 m) are surrounded by the glaciers of the Caucasus. The lake offers beautiful views of Shkhara, Tetnuldi, Ushba, Laila and other peaks. Vast spaces, a lush blue lake and peaks reflected in the mirror of the lake make an unforgettable experience. These natural reservoirs amaze with their frequency, and the landscape around fascinates with its diversity.

Here are endless meadows with bright colors, and green forests and blue “caps” of peaks. The distance to the lakes is about 5.5 km, during the ascent the elevation difference is 1000m. Travel time is 5-6 hours, this is with stops, walks. Visiting this beautiful place does not require much effort, and anyone can visit because it can be reached on foot, on horseback and highly passable by car. Recommended seasons: late spring, summer and autumn.

Overnight in Mestia


Day 6. Mestia – Ushguli - Mestia

Ushguli is a community that includes four villages: Zhibiani, Chvibiani, Chazhashi and Murkmeli, the highest mountain settlement in Europe. Svan towers, the main sights of Ushguli, are the symbol of Svaneti. Svan towers are unique monuments of the early Middle Ages, their construction dates back to the 8th-13th centuries.

On a separate hill stands the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Lamaria), painted with frescoes of the 10th-12th centuries. The temple is an ancient Christian basilica with a gable roof – extremely ascetic and strict. In addition to the monastery and the temple, the village is also interesting for its original double tower.

The main sights of the Chazhashi village are the upper Chazhashi castle located high on a hill, which is also called the castle of Queen Tamara, as well as the lower Chazhashi castle. The structures look more like ruins, but, nevertheless, covered with legends, are of great interest to tourists.

A trip towards Shkhara – a mountain peak in the central part of the GKH, the highest point in Georgia, 5,193 m above sea level. It is part of a unique 12-kilometer mountain range known as the Bezengi Wall. Glacier on the southern slope of Shkhara. Here begins the main source of the beautiful Inguri.

Overnight in Mestia


Day 7. Mestia – Martvili - Kutaisi

Visit to the historical and ethnographic museum in Mestia, which covers a diverse exposition, which presents the ethno-cultural heritage, almost all branches of handicraft. A visit to the museum in Svaneti begins with an acquaintance with the old chronology of the III millennium discovered archaeological material. It is followed by a numismatic cabinet. Treasures of Christian art of the 9th-18th centuries, an exposition of printed books, theological and secular manuscripts of the 9th-19th centuries. Temporary exhibition.

Reparture for Kutaisi. On the way, visit to the Martvili Canyon – one of the most amazing places not only in Samegrelo, but in the whole of Georgia, and it is sometimes called the Georgian Jurassic Park. White limestone cliffs, in which the stormy, then quite unhurried Abasha River made its way, appeared in the Mesozoic era. It was they who formed the modern Martvili Canyon, rising above the water in some places by 30-40 meters. Archaeological excavations were once carried out here, and scientists discovered fossilized remains of dinosaurs at the bottom of the canyon and on its steep “banks”.

Visit to the Sataplia reserve. In the reserve you can see architectural monuments and unique geological objects, traces of real dinosaurs and Sataplia karst caves. Dinosaur footprints are a piece of limestone rock. Scientists have determined that the footprints date back to the Cretaceous period, which means they are about 160 million years old. The size of the caves and their topography are amazing. Karst-type caves are famous for growths – stalactites and stalagmites, which are formed when water seeps through stones and rocks.

Overnight in Kutaisi


Day 8. Departure.

Visit to the Ghelati Monastery Complex. The territory of the monastery is surrounded by a fortress wall and consists of 5 buildings: the main cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin (built in 1106), from the east of the main cathedral there is the church of St. George (XII century), the two-tiered church of St. Nicholas ( XII-XIV centuries), the building of the Academy, the refectory, the bell tower. The Ghelati Monastery has preserved a great number of wall paintings dating back to the 12th-18th centuries. Ghelati monastery complex is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Visit to the Church of Motsameta (“Holy Martyrs”), located in an amazing area on a high rock ledge. Motsameta means “martyrs” in Georgian. · In the only Church of the ensemble there is a sarcophagus with the incorruptible relics of the martyrs of the 8th century – Princes David and Constantine. The present time is a small, very beautiful monastery with round turrets crowned with pointed hipped domes. The monastery stands above the turbulent river Rioni and is buried in the greenery of coastal vegetation.

Transfer to the airport.


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Inguri dam
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