The most beautiful places in Georgia. Medieval fortresses merge with breathtaking nature leaving every person, who visits this province at least once with unforgettable impressions. While travelling to the villages of Tusheti you feel as if time has stopped and you travel in the middle ages. 


Day 1. Arrival

Arrival at the Tbilisi International Airport. Transfer to the hotel. Time at leisure.

Walk along Rustaveli Avenue. In order to learn more about Tbilisi and be able to touch its traditions, you need to take a walk along Shota Rustaveli Avenue. The avenue is a combination of old and modern buildings, art galleries, exhibition halls, theatres, malls, cafes, restaurants and gift shops. Shady plane trees, monuments to prominent Georgians, front facades with stucco, bronze men, streets running up – all this is the central Rustaveli Avenue.

Overnigt in Tbilisi


Day 2. Tbilisi - Alvani - Omalo

In the direction of Tusheti, the road starts from Kakheti (Alvani). For about eight months of the year, this mountainous region is cut off from “mainland” Georgia by the snow-covered Abano Pass (2,950 m). The road is only open from June to October. The rest of the time, the route is covered with snow or destroyed by floods, as evidenced by the washed-out banks of many rivers and the constantly encountered road equipment that is on duty in the most killed places.

The road from the village of Alvani towards Omalo is one big 70-kilometer attraction. Mountain peaks, alpine meadows, gorges with turbulent rivers, and powerful waterfalls – you want to constantly click the camera. Near the Abano Pass, in the picturesque valley of the Stori River, in one small area there are 13 springs with warm mineral water. Over the years, mineral baths have been used to treat various diseases.

Several masterpieces of unknown mountain architects are presented in Omalo: towers, fortified houses with roofs atypical for the region, medieval fortifications. All this is against the backdrop of a majestic panorama of mountains, clouds over which eagles soar, the colors of Caucasian meadows and alpine forests. The village is divided into New and Old Omalo.

Visiting  Keselo – small medieval fortress, located a little higher from Omalo. Keselo towers, which number up to 13, were built during the Mongol invasions of Georgia (1230). As a result of the destruction and damage brought by the conquerors, a large number of inhabitants were forced to leave their native villages, and, as a matter of self-defense and security, moved to the towers, as a temporary shelter from the enemy.

Overnight in Omalo


Day 3. Omalo – Dartlo – Kvavlo - Omalo

Visiting the Pirikiti Tusheti. The road runs along a pine forest, up to a clearing (2250 m a.s.l.), which is the intersection of trails to Dartlo, Omalo and Gometsari. This is the very place where Carcasses gathered and met in the distant past to solve social problems.

The village of Dartlo has retained its ancient appearance to this day, one of the oldest villages in the region, a cultural heritage monument of Georgia, declared an architectural reserve. The village stands out for its unique architectural ensemble, consisting of stone houses covered with stone tiles, which are fortresses with watchtowers attached to them.

The village of Kvavlo is located a few kilometers from Dartlo on the right side of the Didkhevi River (at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level). In Kvavlo, high and narrow, 5-6-storey battle fortress-towers, 20 meters high, built of slate and mortar, have been preserved. On the floors of the loopholes there are small windows, awnings. The towers gradually narrow towards the top and end with pyramidal roofs.

Overnight in Omalo


Day 4. Omalo - Gometsari Valley - Omalo

Visit to the Gometsari Valley. Tusheti is rich in gorges. The most famous among all are Gometsari and Pirikita Alazani. Both gorges still have historical ruins. The location of the villages and the way they are scattered on the mountain slopes and rocks are reminiscent of eagles’ nests.

In the Gometsari valley there are almost deserted villages of the free society of the same name. Here is the famous village of Bochorna. A special banner has been installed, which says that Bochorna is the highest settlement in Europe. The village is very deserted, many houses are abandoned. But despite this, a shop and a cafe are open in the summer, on the terrace of which you can drink excellent coffee with an unforgettable view of the Tusheti National Park and the mountains.

The architectural gem of the Gometsari society is, without a doubt, the village of Dochu, spread out among the rocks like a huge eagle’s nest. For many centuries, the center of Gometsari was here and people lived all year round. Dochu – the most preserved of all, today is an architectural monument of Tusheti. To your surprise, here you can see three-story houses with boiler rooms.

Overnight in Omalo


Day 5. Omalo - Shenako - Diklo - Omalo

Visit to one of the most picturesque villages of Tusheti. Shenako is the second largest village in the region, as old as most other villages, but surpassing them in its cultural and mystical significance. Compared to other villages, it is more densely populated, resulting in a constant fear of enemy attacks. In the village of Shenako, buildings that bear elements of Georgian architecture have been preserved to this day. Here is one of the two churches in the whole of Tusheti – the Church of St. Gregory.

The road to Diklo, a place famous for its fortress, passes through Shenako. According to legend, 16 warriors defended the fortress for 18 days against a 10,000-strong army from the North Caucasus. The harsh climate, difficult road conditions and isolation have left the village empty during the winter season. This deserted village offers tranquility, freedom and fresh mountain beauty. In the rocky pine forests, rare animals (Niamor and Goth) live. Near Diklo there are sulfuric mineral waters.

Overnight in Omalo


Day 6. Omalo -Lake of Oreti - Omalo

Departure to the village of Kumelaurta, from where the hiking route to Lake of Oreti begins. Lake of Oreti is one of those places in Tusheti that is definitely worth a visit. This is a place that gives its visitors amazing views, giving the opportunity to get acquainted with rare, unique species of animals and birds. Being on the shore of the lake, you can observe almost the entire Tusheti with its snow-capped peaks and amazing relief.

Lake of Oreti is located in the protected area of Tusheti at an altitude of 2650 meters. The lake is fed by small streams. In winter it freezes and therefore there are no fish. Two endemic species, the Caucasian black grouse and the Caucasian snowcock, live in the vicinity of Lake of Oreti. These birds are active in the evening and morning hours, and just at this time they can be seen and heard. You can get to the alpine plateau where the reservoir lies on foot or on horseback.

Overnight in Omalo


Day 7. Omalo – Ikalto – Ujarma - Tbilisi

Visit to the medieval academy of Ikalto. Currently, the complex has a functioning church, where the relics of its founder, Zenon Ikaltoeli, are exhibited for worship. As well as in Gelati, the monastery had its own academy built in the XII century by King David IV  and was one of the cultural centers of Georgia. The famous philosopher Arsen Ikaltoeli taught there, one of whose students was the great poet Shota Rustaveli. The majestic temple has the oldest wine cellar in Georgia.

Departure to Tbilisi through the Gombori pass. In order to enjoy nature, you just need to go along this road and watch how the road, like spilled wine, winds between the mountains. Watch mountain snow-covered ridges, low-lying vegetation along a hilly road, winding streams. At the same time, behind each next turn, the view will be completely new, fundamentally different from the previous ones.

Visiting  the monasteries Dzveli-Shuamta and Akhali Shuamta (Old Shuamta and New Shuamta). There are two monasteries in the village of Shuamta, which at one time were important religious centers of Christian Georgia. The monasteries were built in different eras and differ in the style of the structure. Dzveli or Old Shuamta consists of several temples built in the 5th-7th centuries. The very first of them is a small church in the foreground. The current nunnery – Akhali or New Shuamta was built later, in the 16th century. The monastery complex consists of the Church of the Virgin, the bell tower and outbuildings.

Visit to the Fortress of Ujarma –  historical fortified city and one of the most important monuments of medieval architecture in Georgia, due to its location and historical significance. The panorama that opens from the upper part of the fortress to the Iori River, the Gombori Range and the surrounding nature is simply mesmerizing. On the territory there are buildings belonging to different eras: a temple, a cross, towers, a water collector, marani, ruins of walls and other objects.

Overnigt in Tbilisi


Jour 8. Departure

Transfer to the airport.



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