Georgia is one of the main centers of origin of the vine and the birthplace of cultural viticulture. According to ampelographic guides, the cultural assortment of local Georgian grapes includes more than 500 names.

On the territory of Georgia, imprints of grape leaves of past geological eras were found. During archaeological excavations in burial grounds of the Bronze Age, jugs with the remains of grape seeds, wine-making equipment – stone presses, grape presses, various clay and metal wine vessels dating back to the 9th-10th millennia BC were found.

And when it comes to Georgian wine, Kakheti is considered the heart of Georgian winemaking. Modestly sheltered at the foot of the Caucasus Mountains and famous for its sunny plains, Kakheti can be called a winemaker’s dream. It was from here that the revival of Georgian winemaking began: small and large wineries founded here return Georgia to the world map of winemaking.


Day 1. Arrival

Arrival at the Tbilisi International Airport.   Transfer to the hotel. Time at leisure.

Visit to Mtatsminda. One of the mountains around Tbilisi, called the “Holy Mountain” by analogy with the Holy Mountain of Athos. The funicular is a railway. A 500 meter road allows you to get out in the middle of the mountain, where there is an opportunity to visit. Pantheon of writers and public figures of Georgia, as well as climb the most to the Mtatsminda Amusement Park and enjoy the majestic panoramic views of the city.

Visit  to the “Tiflis Wine Cellar”. This is a fairly young enterprise in Tbilisi, but nevertheless it has become today one of the largest wineries in the country. They produce up to 1.5 million liters of wine per year. Despite the fact that the production is set to automatic mode of operation, very refined taste wines are produced here, some of the best in Georgia. The most popular are Kindzmarauli, Khvanchkara, Saperavi.

After  traditional Georgian feast with a folklore program in one of the best restaurants in Tbilisi.

Overnight in Tbilisi.


Day 2. Tbilisi - Sighnaghi

Departure to Kakheti – the easternmost region of Georgia. Kakheti is the center of Georgia’s traditional wine culture: it is here that most families maintain wine cellars, where they make their own wine using traditional kvevri – earthenware jugs dug into the ground.

Joni Okruashvili’s winery in Sighnaghi is better known as “Okros Gwino”. The wine is made exclusively according to the ancient Georgian technology. The raw material for it is grapes from their own vineyards in the surrounding villages of Tibaani, Manavi, Sviri, Nukriani. This cozy establishment offers an incredible selection of wines and a fantastic terrace with stunning views of the Alazani Valley.

Visit to the Local Lore Museum. It can rightly be considered one of the best local history museums in Georgia. The museum consists of two floors. The first one is devoted to archeology, here you can see ceramics of different centuries, bronze crafts, daggers, dishes. All exhibits are signed, and there are also stands with more detailed information. The second floor is more dedicated to painting. The hall of paintings of Lado Gudiashvili and the hall of  Niko Pirosmani.

Visit to one of the most famous new wine boutiques – “Pheasant’s Tears”. This is a joint Georgian-American venture, where they produce wine without preservatives, using the traditional method – in qvevri dug into the ground. Tasting of 4 varieties of wine and a special variety of chacha served with bread and cheese.

Master class on cooking dishes from traditional Georgian cuisine, followed by a traditional Georgian feast with a folklore program in one of the best restaurants in Sighnaghi.

Overnight in Sighnaghi


Day 3. Sighnaghi - Kvareli - Telavi

Visit to the “Khareba Winery”. The winery is known to many thanks to its unique wine cellar in Kvareli, which is cut right into the rocks of the Caucasus Range. The constant temperature throughout the year is between 12 and 14 degrees, which is the ideal condition for wine that is stored in oak barrels, as well as for already bottled wineThere is also a museum sector here – this is a real marani with clay kvevri. The program includes a tasting of the brightest – 5 varieties of Georgian wines of the highest class, including the famous dry white wine “Kisi”.

Visit to the House-Museum of Ilya Chavchavadze in Kvareli. The museum of the great Georgian writer, public figure and poet is located in the family estate of Chavchavadze.  A very interesting building in terms of architecture and a very beautiful garden inside. Well organized tour with pleasant musical accompaniment. There are many interesting stories not only about the life of Ilya Chvchavadze himself, but also about the history of Georgia.

Visit to the winery “Kindzmarauli”. The plant is the main producer of the famous brand of wine. The company owns three-quarters of the vineyards of the Kindzmarauli microzone. Kindzmarauli wine ferments naturally, but the process is interrupted before it is completed by cooling the juice containers. Therefore, it retains the natural sweetness and aroma of Saperavi grapes, unlike other semi-sweet wines where sugar is added. The program includes a tasting of 5 varieties of top-class wine, including the famous semi-sweet wine “Kindzmarauli”.

Visit to the Nekresi Monastery – ancient monastery complex in Kakheti, located in a picturesque place, right on top of a mountain, offering a breathtaking view of the Alazani Valley. The monastery complex combines several monuments of Georgian architecture, among them there are three temple buildings. In addition to spreading the faith and teachings of Christ, the monastery was an important scientific and educational center of the region.

Lake Ilya is a real gem of Kakheti, framed by picturesque mountain ranges. Great place to stay for many locals and travelers coming to Georgia. Surrounded by a beautiful forest with a lake in the middle, the resort is the perfect place to unwind after a trip. Lake Ilya is perfectly equipped for visitors – there is both an entertainment complex and a restaurant that offers a magnificent view of the city.

After traditional Georgian feast with a folklore program in one of the best restaurants in Kvareli.

Overnight in Telavi.


Day 4. Telavi - Tbilisi

Visit to “Telavi wine cellar”. The company was founded in 1915. Here, the methods of Georgian winemaking are combined with French ones – the wines are not infused in qvevri, but in oak barrels. Here you will have the opportunity to see the process of winemaking, fermentation and aging in barrels. And also try seven different wines, which will be accompanied by traditional cheese, mineral water and bread.

Visiting a pottery workshop and getting acquainted with the unique manual process of making Qvevri. The craft is passed down from generation to generation, and future masters join it already in childhood, learning from their fathers and grandfathers. The clay used to make Qvevri must be carefully chosen, as its characteristics will affect the mineral composition of the wine. Professional skills and knowledge are considered sacred family secrets.

Visit to the house-museum of A. Chavchavadze in Tsinandali. Tsinandali Estate is the place where classical Georgian winemaking was born. Here Georgian wine was bottled for the first time. “Saperavi” harvest of 1841 and other historical vintages of the nineteenth century are kept in the Tsinandal Enoteca to this day. The program includes tasting of Tsinandali, Kakhuri, Mukuzani, Iberiuli and Khikhvi.

Visit to the Winery “Shumi”. The “Shumi” company has created its own museum of vines and wine “Vazioni”. There are collected 294 names of Georgian grapes and 92 foreign varieties. The museum also contains ancient wine-making equipment found during archaeological excavations. The museum provides an excursion program for tourists. It includes a story about the history of the emergence and development of winemaking, tasting several types of wines.

In the evening, a feast in the peasant “zaoti” (mini-factory of “Chacha”) with folk songs.

Overnight in Tbilisi.

Overnight in Tbilisi.


Day 5. Departure.

Transfer to the airport.


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