The wine tour offers delicious wine, eco-fruits and vegetables.  Guests will get acquainted with the process of wine production and try different types of it, visit the viticulture museum and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature.

Wine in Georgia is an integral part of a family dinner, or an evening leisurely conversation with friends, or noisy holidays, or … in a word, wine is always and everywhere here, because Georgians love their wines very much.  And not only the Georgians….


Day 1. Arrival

Arrival at the Tbilisi International Airport.   Transfer to the hotel. Time at leisure.

Visit to the Tbilisi Wine Museum. The main exhibition space displays artifacts related to the production of wine, found during archaeological excavations. Artifacts are exact copies of the collections of the National Museum. In the hall you can see objects that prove the uniqueness of Georgian wine: bowls, wine vessels, jugs, ritual utensils, kvevri and many other exhibits. In one of the halls, the so-called interactive space, visitors can even feel like a sommelier and get to know Georgian wine better.

Visit to the cognac factory of Sarajishvili. The factory bears the name of David Sarajishvili, the ideological inspirer and guide to the world of cognac business for Georgia and the entire Caucasus. It was he who brought the French technology of cognac alcohol smoking. David Sarajishvili was friends with Jean-Baptiste Camus (the founder of the Camus house) who helped Sarajishvili create the first cognac factory in the Caucasus. The tour and conversations about cognac and the history of the plant take place between the barrels and are shrouded in the aura of the “share of angels” and sincere Georgian hospitality. The program includes a tasting of celebrity varieties of cognacs Sarajishvili.

In the evening, a traditional Georgian feast with a folklore program in one of the best restaurants in Tbilisi.

Overnight in Tbilisi.


Day 2. Tbilisi - Shalauri - Kisiskhevi - Tbilisi

Departure to Kakheti region. Visiting the pottery workshop and getting acquainted with the unique manual process of making Qvevri. The craft is passed down from generation to generation, and future masters join it already in childhood, learning from their fathers and grandfathers. The clay used to make Qvevri must be carefully chosen, as its characteristics will affect the mineral composition of the wine. Professional skills and knowledge are considered sacred family secrets.

Visiting the  “Schuchmann Wines”. The company that produces “Schuchman wines” has its own vineyards and advanced equipment that meets international standards. The company’s success lies in the combination of ancient traditions and the latest technology, which results in drinks of exceptional quality and excellent taste. The winery “Schuchmann Weins” produces fine, blended, dry and semi-sweet wines, the production of which is treated individually by specialists so that they fully reveal their extraordinary taste properties. The program includes a tasting of 5 varieties of wines.

Lunch in a peasant family according to the traditions of the Georgian feast. Tasting of homemade wine to the accompaniment of toasts. Learn how Georgian customs and traditions have changed over the centuries. Master classes in baking “Shotis Puri” and “Churchkhela”.

Visit to the winery “Vita Vinea”. Wines “Vita Vinea” come from a small family winery located in the village of Shalauri. The Dakishvili family has been producing wine and growing grapes for several decades. Their product variety includes Rkatsiteli, Saperavi and Kisi. “Vita Vinea” wines cannot be found in regular supermarkets or stores as they distribute their products directly to some Georgian restaurants and liquor stores. The program includes a tasting of 3 varieties of  wines.

In the evening, a feast in the peasant “Zaoti” (mini-factory of “Chacha”) with folk songs.

Overnight in Tbilisi.


Day 3. Departure

In the morning “health improvement”, with the help of “Khashi”, “Khinkali” and “Chacha”, in the famous Sulfur baths.

Visit to the oldest  Tbilisi wine facrory №1, which was designed and built by the great architect Alexander Ozerov in the distant 1894-96. The soul of the plant is a stunning ancient wine storage, which has been holding wines and cognacs from different collections for more than 100 years. The program includes a tasting of 3 varieties of wines.

Transfer to the airport.


The price for one person $ (US Dollars)                             

From 50 USD 

The price depends on the number of people and varies(±)  from 50 USD  for one day.

Price IncludesTransport, Accommodation, Service of  guide.

The cost of each excursion is discussed individually.

For more information, do not hesitate to call or write Viber / WhatsApp +995 599 25 65 19  or in mail : 

*Timetables : on request

Nomber of persons   1-3 per     4-8 per    9-19 per   20-40 per
Mode of transport    Sedan    Minivan    Minibus         Bus


*The tour programs are based on our experience and the opinions of our completely different customers. These are semi-finished circuits, whose programs can be easily redone. Add or subtract the number of excursion days. Sort or redo the excursion day, change the sequence, the duration, prices …

Every day excursion is a stand-alone destination. It is the separate route with the calculation of the distance and the comfortable movement between the excursion points. Each tour and each itinerary is examined at the time of the request. Also, at the desire of the tourists, they can change the already booked and paid program.




Tbilisi wine museum
Saradjishvili factory
Sarajishvili cognac
Corporate dinner
Shukhman winery
kakhetian "Zaoti"
Georgian filklor
Sulfuric baths
Wine Factory N1 (Tbilisi)

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