Domestic flights

შიდა ავიარეისები-ის სურათის შედეგიDomestic flights are operated between Tbilisi, Natakhtari. Batumi, Kutaisi, Ambrolauri and Mestia. Flights are provided by Service Air. The following flights are currently operated:

Flight from Tbilisi to Batumi with a frequency of several flights every day. ticket price – 125 GEL one way. The number of flights and ticket prices vary depending on the season.

From the Natakhtari airfield (28 kilometers from Tbilisi) there are flights to Mestia with a frequency of 4 times a week There and back (Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Sunday), the ticket price – 90 GEL one way.

From the Natakhtari airfield there are flights to Ambrolauri with a frequency of 2 times a week There and back (Friday, Sunday), the ticket price – 50 GEL one way.

There are flights from Kutaisi airport to Mestia with a frequency of 2 times a week There and back (Tuesday, Friday), the ticket price – 50 GEL. More information 


Tbilisi Metro

Tbilisi metro has two lines with 22 stations, one of which is a junctionAnnouncements are made in Georgian and English in carriages and at stations. The same applies to diagrams, explanations and other inscriptions in the subway.

It is possible to buy a ticket in the Tbilisi metro only with a Metromoney plastic card. Maps are sold at any metro station. Before departure, you can return the card to the cashier, receiving back the cost of the card, as well as the entire balance on the card itself.

The cost of one trip in the Tbilisi metro is 0.5 lari or 50 tetri (about 0.2 dollars). Using the same Metromoney card, you can pay for travel in any official transport in Tbilisi.

An additional plus is that after paying for one trip, you can change the mode of transport for free for 1.5 hours. That is, for example, having paid for a metro ticket, you can get off it, change to a bus and ride it for free.



There are city buses in all cities of Georgia. These are mostly new buses, painted blue. Payment is made at the entrance using an automated cash register and a plastic card or coins, as a result of payment, the passenger receives a ticket.

A plastic card is the most convenient option, as it provides an opportunity to save money. With this card, you will have the right to make transfers on the metro and on bus routes within an hour for free.

Buses stop only at stops, they work strictly according to the schedule from 06:00 to 20:00. In the cabins of the buses there is a scoreboard on which the route is written in Georgian and English, and the next stop will always be indicated on such boards.

Most bus stops are equipped with an electronic scoreboard that displays information about the air temperature, time, and the nearest bus routes. Information on the scoreboard is provided in Georgian and English. More information



The mode of operation of minibuses in each city of Georgia is different. In Tbilisi, they start working on average from 08:00 to 20:00. In other regions of Georgia, especially where minibuses are practically the only mode of transport, they work until late at night.

In Tbilisi, minibuses are designed for 17 passengers according to their seats. Airbags are provided for the driver and front passenger, and three-point seat belts are installed on all seats of the car.

In metropolitan minibuses, passenger windows open electronically. The minibuses are equipped with heating and air conditioning systems designed for the Tbilisi climate, in addition, they have an AM / FM radio and AUX and USB connectors.

Mikroavtovus is the most popular and inexpensive type of intercity transport in Georgia, which connects absolutely all settlements where the road is laid. They go literally in all directions and very often between the main cities. More information 



The railway line crosses Georgia from east to west, dividing into two branches: southward in Batumi off the Black Sea coast, and northward in Zugdidi. High-speed trains and commuter trains run daily between Tbilisi, Zugdidi, Batumi, Kutaisi and other cities.


A high-speed double-decker train produced by the Swiss company “Stadler Rail AG” runs between Tbilisi and Batumi, covering a distance of more than 300 km in just 5 hours. On average, three trains leave from Tbilisi train station every day.

Tickets can be purchased both at the box office and on the website of the Georgian Railways ( Buying on the site is extremely convenient, and if necessary, you can also automatically cancel your reservation and refund your card.

The train fleet  includes trains that differ in speed, comfort, and departure time, which allows passengers to choose the best travel option for themselves. More information