Tskarostavi(Klarjeti) monastery

Tskarostavi (Klarjeti) monastery  (Region of Klarjeti)

Tskarostavi (Klarjeti) monastery (Georg. კლარჯეთის წყაროსთავი). Monastery complex in the historical region of Georgia – Klarjeti (Georg. კლარჯეთი), in modern Turkey.  It is located on the left bank of the Karchkhali (Georg. კარჩხალი) river valley, on the slope of a high mountain, in the village of Tskarostavi (Georg. წყაროსთავი, Tur. Karostav). The monastery was founded by Hilarion Tskarosstaveli,  in the 9th century. In the XII-XIII centuries, several manuscripts were written in Tskarostavi (Klarjeti), including the famous Gospel of Tskarostavi (1195), with a cover engraved by Beka Opizari.

The monastery complex is distinguished by its scale. Tskarostavi of Klarjeti is one of the most beautiful and ancient monasteries of Klarjeti. It should not be confused with another church of the same name in Western Javakheti, which is currently also located in Turkey. The complex included a large domed temple, several hall churches, two of which were built on a rock, a huge two-tiered refectory and numerous monks’ cells. The main building is a cross-domed church, of which only the northern wall has survived. Built of well-worked gray limestone of large size. The remains of the building are covered with bulk stones and earth, which form hills 2-3 meters high.


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